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Great things come in small packages. The greatest shooter to hit the PlayStation Network.

We like

  • The intensity of the battles
  • How teamwork ultimately wins the day
  • The wide range of vehicles, classes, and well-balanced weapons

We dislike

  • The shortage of maps and game modes
  • The PS3 voice-chat issue

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(continued from previous page) ...makes you feel like you’re really part of an epic team battle. Vehicles are great fun to use, mainly because their weapons can cause some serious destruction, and although the tank and the plane do take some skill to handle, using their power to help out your teammates and clear an enemy stronghold is an essential and enjoyable part of each battle.

Inexperienced gamers, who will almost certainly get killed on a regular basis, may be put off by the fiercely competitive online community, which is already rife with great players, but seasoned gamers should relish the challenge. Indeed, the more we’ve played Battlefield 1943, the more we’ve enjoyed it. Though capturing territories is always the goal in Battlefield 1943, the beauty of having different classes, various vehicles and large maps is that you can go about winning in an infinite number of ways and tailor the experience to your own enjoyment. You can hop into a tank and bulldoze your way into an enemy camp, or jump into the cockpit of a plane and scatter bombs over your opponents. Alternatively, you can head out on-foot and take up a position on a hill to snipe out enemies from a distance, or run into a stronghold all guns blazing. Similarly, you can choose to defend a position or attack an enemy encampment, join a squad of players and work as a team, or greedily go it alone in an attempt to make it onto the leaderboard when the end-game stats are calculated. There’s so much variety to the gameplay that no Battlefield game ever feels the same.


The enjoyment of the Battlefield experience is helped immeasurably by the fact that the games run extremely smoothly. So far, we haven't encountered problems finding a game, and there's been no sign of lag thanks to the dedicated servers. There is one big negative that currently hampers the experience, however: the voice-chat is faulty. We can hear everyone in the lobby, but as soon as the game starts it keeps cutting out, or doesn't work at all. It's a frustrating issue, but we understand that this problem is being addressed and should be fixed shortly.

If Battlefield 1943 was a full-priced retail game we would moan about the lack of features, such as no clan support, having only one game mode, and the limited amount of weapons and maps available. For the price, however, you certainly get more than enough for your money. Great looking locations and expertly designed maps, a well-balanced weapon set, destructible environments and an excellent squad command system await those who download this gem of a title. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’d be foolish to miss out on one of the best ever games to hit the PlayStation Network. You can rest assured that the Battlefield servers are going to be busy for a long time to come.

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    July 9th, 2009
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