Red Faction: Guerrilla Cheats & Tips

  • Posted June 4th, 2009 by Joseph Lustig

(continued from previous page)"font-size: small; ">Beat Down (1,600) - Kill an enemy with a melee attack.

Streak Stopper (1,800) - Kill an enemy who is unstoppable.

Death from Above (2,150) - Kill an enemy by thrusting down.

Remote Save (2,300) - Kill an enemy before they can detonate a remote charge stuck to you or a teammate.

Survivor (2,600) - Recover to full health after nearly dying.

Unstopable (3,050) - Kill five or more enemies in a row.

Backwhat? (3,200) - Kill an enemy that is wearing a backpack while you are not wearing one.

Knockdown (3,650) - Knock down multiple enemies simultaneously with the concussion pack.

Death By Boundary (4,100) - Knock an enemy out of the level boundaries.

Stuck (4,400) - Detonate a remote charge stuck to an enemy.

Headshot Kill (4,500) - Kill an enemy with a headshot.

Who's #1 (5,000) - Kill the enemy with the highest number of kills.

Full Control (5,400) - Fully repair a target.

Mega Kill (5,800) - Kill multiple enemies within 3 seconds.

Back Off (6,600) - Kill an enemy who is melee attacking at close range.

Ghost Kill (7,000) - Kill a stealthed Enemy.

Bullseye (7,200) - Kill an enemy with a direct rocket hit.

Backfire (7,800) - Kill an enemy with their own explosive.

You're doing it wrong! (8,250) - Kill an enemy with the Reconstructor.

Charge (8,750) - Rhino charge through a wall and kill an enemy.

Power Trip (9,500) - With Firepower active, kill an enemy with a melee weapon.

Interceptor (10,600) - Kill a ragdolling enemy in mid-air.

Hail Mary (10,900) - Kill an enemy from far away without using a gun.

Blast (11,500) - Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel or tank.

Flagman (12,200) - Kill an enemy with their team flag.

Air Strike (13,000) - Kill an enemy while in the air.

Shake it Up (14,200) - Kill an enemy while your Tremor pack is activated.

Dust Bunny (15,500) - Kill an enemy who is in mid-jump.

Good Timing (16,500) - Use the Rhino or Thrust pack to survive an attack.

BBQ (17,500) - Hit three enemies simultaneously with the Arc Welder.

Blindside (18,750) - Kill an enemy from behind.

Payback (20,250) - Exact revenge within 15 seconds of respawning.

X-Ray (22,500) - Kill an enemy through a wall with the Rail Driver.

Sharpshooter (24,000) - Shoot and kill an enemy from far away.

Sleeper Kill (27,000) - Kill a fallen enemy with a melee attack.

Death from Below (29,000) - Kill an enemy by thrusting up.

Rainbow Wars (31,000) - Kill an enemy that is using the Heal Pack.

Lined Up (33,000) - Hit two or more enemies with one Rail Driver shot.

Doppleganger (38,000) - Kill an enemy that has the same backpack you do.

Zombie Kill (44,000) - Kill an enemy from beyond the grave.

Vertigo (48,000) - Kill an enemy above or below you.

Camper (52,000) - Kill an enemy while standing still.

No Problem (56,000) - Kill an enemy while at full health.


Experience Point Bonuses

Earn the indicated amount of experience points to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Playlist for Team Objective - 50

Alec Mason Character - 100

Badge Group: Guerrilla - ... (continued on next page)

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