Red Faction: Guerrilla Cheats & Tips

  • Posted June 4th, 2009 by Joseph Lustig

(continued from previous page) ...- Every Weapon

10 Wins - Every Game Type

100 Wins

100 XP - Every Backpack

100 XP - Every Weapon

1000 Kills - 1 Weapon

5000 XP - 1 Backpack

5000 XP - 1 Weapon

500 XP - 1 Bonus XP Event

5 XP - Every Bonus XP Event

1 Life - 10 Kills - 1 Weapon

1 Life - 25 Bonus XP

1 Life - 5 XP - 5 Backpacks

1 Life - 50 XP

1 Life - Kill - 5 Weapons

1 Life - 15 Bonuses (different types not fifteen of the same one)


Glitches and Fun Stuff

Fast vehicle repairs

(1) To repair any vehicle quickly, just use Guerrilla Express while inside your vehicle. The vehicle can now be found in or near the camp you traveled to, with no damage.

(2) Exit a vehicle near the end of a mission. Successfully complete the mission, and return to the vehicle. It will be fully repaired.

(3) If you hijack an EDF tank, you are unable to heal it by teleporting to a safehouse. In fact, the tank disappears. You are however able to heal tanks or any other vehicles by going to a demolitions master. Leave the area during the event, and you will fail. After the challenge ends, you should have a full health EDF tank where you left it before the challenge.

Fixing overturned vehicles

Exit a vehicle after it overturns. When it is on its roof, walk near it, and re-enter it. Repeatedly tap Enter Vehicle, and the vehicle will turn over with its wheels back on the ground.

Martian Lander

Southeast of the Badlands safehouse near a large group of ore is what appears to be a Mars Exploration Rover. It is marked as a vehicle on the map, but cannot be controlled or destroyed.

Strange dialogue

If you kill your brother, Dan, at the very beginning of the first mission, you will die instantly, but the death message reads "WTF? You killed your brother?"

Red Faction references

The area "Parker" of Mars is named after the protagonist in the original Red Faction. The area "Eos" of Mars is named after the Faction's leader in the original Red Faction.

Saints Row 2 references

When you are around people, they will sometimes say things about Ultor, which is the company from Saints Row 2. They will also say "Damn drones confiscated my Feed Dogs collection", which is the band from Saints Row 2. Also, the area "Mt. Vogel" of Mars is a reference to Dean Vogel, whom you had to kill in the last mission of Saints Row 2. You also only get to enter it during the last mission before the campaign is complete.


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