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Final Fantasy XIII

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Whether you enjoy it or not will depend on your expectations. Walk into it with a clear mind and you will get lost in this magical fantasy world.

We like

  • The enchanting sensory experience
  • The satisfying battle system
  • The character driven plot

We dislike

  • The lack of freedom to explore
  • The amount of time it takes to really get going

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(continued from previous page) ...JRPG that oozes Final Fantasy out of every pore, yet strips some of its predecessor's core features down to deliver a game that has just enough depth to appeal to fans of the series, yet enough accessibility and pace to appeal to those wanting a more action-orientated experience. It does work; it just feels a little different, that's all.

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  • Related game: Final Fantasy XIII

    Release date (US):
    March 9th, 2010
    Square Enix
    Role Playing Game - Fantasy
    11 of 2,667 Games
    Up 0 places (in last 7 days)

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