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A polished entry in the Battlefield series, with a deep and engaging multiplayer component.

We like

  • The outstanding audio and visual experience
  • The action-paced single player campaign
  • The deep multiplayer mode and maps

We dislike

  • The predictable storyline

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(continued from previous page) ...nicely, and the whole package is played out in full Dolby Digital. It's not often that developers will invest in really knocking the sound design out of the park, but when they do, it really is a treat.

As competent as the single player campaign is, it will largely play second fiddle to the other half of the equation: the multiplayer. The Battlefield series has been defined by its superb multiplayer experience since its inception, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lives up the franchise's reputation. Bad Company 2 offers up several multiplayer game types. Rush and Squad Rush are the title's highlight; setting players to either attack or defend a pair of objectives. These appear alongside your standard Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch modes. Each mode represents a thoughtful addition to the Bad Company 2 formula, and in an era where multiplayer is tacked on to so many different titles, none of it feels forced. The multiplayer continues the Battlefield tradition of utilizing a class system, featuring four unique classes this time around: the Assault, who is armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and ammo, the Medic, who can revive any downed player, the Engineer, who specializes in explosives and vehicle repair, and the Recon, who focuses on spotting and sniping the enemy.

DICE has obviously spent a lot of time working out the kinks in the multiplayer. Each of the four classes feels distinct, and really allows you to fill the role that you want to play. The various weapons and vehicles all feel balanced, playing out into what is essentially a large game of rock, paper, scissors, where the most diversified and coordinated team always has the upper hand. The map design is exquisite, especially in the Rush modes, as epic sprawling desert battles give way to frantic claustrophobic urban warfare as the matches progress, each step of the way encouraging players to use every tool at their disposal. The sense of scale is just something that isn't paralleled by any other game on the market.

The driving factor to Bad Company 2's multiplayer component doesn't lie in its mechanical intricacies, though. Rather, it lies in the sense of character progression. Taking a nod from Modern Warfare 2, you are rewarded points for just about every action on the battlefield, whether it's sniping an enemy from several hundred meters away, or repairing an ally's vehicle. Each match can yield a new unlock, ranging from weapons to tools and accessories. The old 'carrot on a stick' idiom is in full effect here, and you'll find yourself playing 'just one more match' until the wee hours of the morning.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 may be yet another entry into the crowded pantheon of shooters, but it's one that shakes the foundation of the genre at its very core. Though the storyline and outcome of the single player campaign is a little predictable, it is action packed and full of adrenaline pumping moments, whereas the multiplayer combines mechanical brilliance with an epic scale. The result, which is helped along the way by the brilliant visuals and sound, is exceptional.

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