Crysis 2 World Premiere Impressions

  • Posted April 9th, 2010 at 14:10 EDT by Eric Blattberg

(continued from previous page) ...but the mechanics have been simplified this time around. There are two primarily pillars: invisibility (stealth/tactical) and invincibility (power/armor). In this occasion, the dev flipped on invincibility (which, to clarify, doesn't make you entirely invincible), jumped down well over ten stories, and emerged unscathed. He then engaged in battle with Crynet security forces. Crynet security, a private military corporation, will provide your human opposition, though we're not sure why at the current point in time.

The developer, after engaging in standard firefights for a moment, switched back into his Nanosuit's power mode, and proceeded to high jump between rooftops, hoping to gain a better vantage point. Crysis 2 will retain the sandbox feel of the original game, seemingly with an emphasis on verticality due to the city environment. After progressing a bit further, we saw a shift in play styles. Opting for a more tactical approach, the developer used the Nanosuit to cloak himself and sneak up behind an enemy. When he got close enough, a prompt to perform a stealth kill popped up on the screen, and the developer ripped the guy apart in a brutal, but not overly violent, fashion. He proceeded to sneak up on another enemy, who he grabbed and tossed through a glass window, which shattered into dozens of pieces. Once again, we were reminded that the game is very, very pretty.


The first scenario came to a close, and the second one was loaded up. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on first-person story-telling in Crysis 2, in the vein of Half-Life 2 and other more recent games. From the first-person perspective, the character boards a helicopter, which begins to take off. Soon after leaving the ground, though, a giant alien spouts out from beneath a building, ripping the entire thing to shreds in the process. The alien manages to strike the helicopter, which veers out of control and spins into the ground. The character, thrown from the chopper, struggles for quite some time on the ground, nearly blacking out as all hell breaks loose around him. Eventually, though, he's able to rise to his feet, which concludes the engaging two or three minute first-person intro sequence.

A horde of robotic-looking aliens swarm the area, and fire upon the character with some form of alien weaponry. The developer fights back with a grenade launcher, wreaking havoc on the environment around him in the process. One alien dashes towards him -- showing off the game's stunning motion blur effects -- but the dev avoids the attack and continues his assault. Suddenly, another form of alien plummets to the earth flaming comet-style, takes aim, fires, and hits the character, who passes out.


Thus concluded the brief but exciting live demo of Crysis 2. It's difficult to judge the gameplay from a short, carefully selected slice of the game, but what we saw definitely looks promising. And, though the visuals weren't flawless -- there were a few occasions where buildings far in the background popped in, where there were noticeably jagged edges on objects, and where the framerate dipped when the action got heavy -- even at this early stage, it's a technical and stylistic masterpiece. When it releases, it will undoubtedly be hailed as the best looking multiplatform console game of this generation thus far.

So, will Crysis 2 be the game of the year as businessman David Demartini desires? It's a bit too early to answer that question, but it's is definitely shaping up to be one of 2010's heavy hitters. Mark your calendars; the battle to save New York City begins at the end of the year.

Check out the Crysis 2 image gallery to see photos from the event.

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