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  • Posted April 26th, 2010 at 09:56 EDT by Adam Dolge

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Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is a splendid take on the PS3 version. The added content and its portability mean fans of the original adorable, medieval strategy game will lap this up.

We like

  • The additional content
  • Fast-paced strategic multiplayer action
  • The brilliant narration and audio

We dislike

  • Online multiplayer was not as good as we had hoped
  • Onscreen prompts are hard to read and distracting

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Some of the PlayStation 3’s biggest franchises have made the transition to Sony’s handheld device in recent years. Entries like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet are all coming or already available on the PSP, meaning our favorite games are playable on the go. These titles have been met with varying success, but in general, if you own a PSP, there are some essentials to own. So, needless to say we were a bit sceptical about how a PlayStation Network game (first released on the PS3) would transfer over to the PSP. We had even more trepidation since the game in question, Fat Princess, was all about the online experience, and the PSP isn’t necessarily known for having the best online community. However, after playing Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, we are glad Sony has added yet another must have game to our PSP collection.

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is essentially the PSP version of the PSN game, Fat Princess. Fistful of Cake comes with some added features, including an extended single player campaign, but has all the “jump in and play” online ideals as its PS3 counterpart. Developed by SuperVillian Studios, Fistful of Cake pits two teams (the Red team and the Blue team) against one another in a medieval romp. The goal is to rescue your team’s princess from the enemy’s castle. This would be a lot easier had your opponents not stuffed her full of cake (hence the name). It’ll take an army to get her back into your castle. The good news is your team can do the same thing to your opponents.

It should go without saying that if you liked Fat Princess, you’ll like the PSP version. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the games, we’ll give you a brief introduction. As mentioned earlier, the PSP version is very similar to the PS3 version, but there are some differences. The similarities, however, mean you’ll be playing in a cartoonish strategy world, filled with mages, workers, warriors, and tubby princesses.

Fistful of Cakes comes equipped with an extended storyline, more maps, and additional multiplayer game modes. The single player campaign (the “Play with Yourself” mode) includes three different game modes, names the Legend of the Fat Princess that features 15 storybook levels. See, the game is told as a fairytale story with a delightful narrator who has a comforting British accent. The other modes in the single player campaign include Mess About, giving you the chance to play a single campaign, and Gladiate, which acts as an endurance test of sorts. Gladiate sends you through waves of opponents, seeing how long you can fair as different classes – workers, mages, priests, rangers, and warriors.

While the single player mode is designed to teach you how to play the game, it’s done in a way that’s not just “press this button to attack,” or “carry the princess this way to win the game.” No, the actual story isn’t all that important, but what is important is how the story is presented.

The level select screen appears like your favorite childhood fairytale. As you choose your level, the narration kicks in, telling you a little bit about the upcoming level, and why the princess is getting so fat. Once in the game, you’ll have different objectives to win, although they mostly revolve around bringing someone (usually the princess) back to your castle. Within the actual gameplay, you’ll have the ability to change character classes at the drop of a hat (literally). To change classes, five total, all you have to do is pick up the hat corresponding with the different class. These hats are placed in your castle, so they aren’t hard to find. Since the game is on the PSP, it can be hard to tell what is happening onscreen. All the prompted actions can be difficult ... (continued on next page)

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