Beyond the Game with EA Artwerk's 'Ladytron' and 'Hadouken!'

  • Posted February 16th, 2011 at 05:02 EDT by Eric Blattberg

We recently had the opportunity to interview two bands signed to Electronic Arts' Artwerk music label. Ladytron, who is featured on the FIFA 11 soundtrack, was formed in Liverpool, England in the summer of 1999. The new wave electro band has four full studio albums under its belt, with a fifth currently cooking in the oven. The second band we spoke to, Hadouken!, was formed in Leeds, England in fall 2006. Featured on the soundtracks of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, EA Sports MMA, and The Sims 3, the gaming-crazed rockers of Hadouken! have put out two albums, with a third set to debut in spring 2011.

We have a bunch of Ladytron and Hadouken! stuff to give away, so stay tuned for that soon. In the meantime, check out releases from Ladytron and Hadouken on iTunes: 604 (Bonus Version) by Ladytron and Oxygen by Hadouken. Our full interview with both bands is available below.

How did your involvement in the gaming business (i.e. relationship with EA Artwerk) come about? How has having your music in EA’s games affected your band?

Reuben (Ladytron): We're signed to Nettwerk who set up Artwerk with EA. Luckily for us it means we are constantly in touch with new developments in the gaming world which gives us an added dimension to releasing music. It's like there's live music, listening to music on your stereo or portable player and now music within a gaming experience.

James (Hadouken!): Quite simple really, our management sent them a copy of our second album, they liked it and thought that our tracks would suit some of their games so we went from there. It's been a great opportunity for us to reach out to new fans who might not otherwise of heard of us so we're really happy about it.

Mira Aroyo (left) and Helen Marnie (right), Ladytron's dual singers

What do you think of the current generation of video games? Of motion gaming experiences like PlayStation Move, Kinect, and Wii Motion Plus?

Reuben (Ladytron): All very exciting developments but really still screen-based experiences. I'm interested in seeing what will come beyond using a screen - like 3D and more immersive technologies.

James (Hadouken!): I've not actually been able to try out any of the new motion gaming systems yet, and I've only played Wii a few times in the past. On a technological tip, I'm completely behind these advances and I think it's great how the way we engage with games is being pushed forward - but I also think there's a line. I recently read a blog by a skater ranting about Tony Hawk's 'Ride' - his thoughts summed things up pretty well. He said that, as a skateboarder, you play skateboarding video games to do all of the tricks & get all of the big air that you can't actually do in the real world. I thought that this was pretty on the money. Basically, it's all good so long as I don't have to become a military sharp shooter to enjoy FPS games in the future!

Hadouken! - OXYGEN [Official Music Video]

What’s your favorite game (or, equally interesting, favorite game soundtrack)? Why?

Reuben (Ladytron): Legend of Zelda on the Super Nintendo. Always has been my favourite - and has an amazing soundtrack.

James (Hadouken!): I think Goldeneye on the N64 is probably a favourite of all time just because it gave the most hours entertainment I've ever had from a game. As for soundtracks, I've always thought the Streets of Rage tunes were ace.

Ladytron - Runaway [Official Music Video]

If you play games regularly, which one have you been hooked on recently?

Reuben (Ladytron): I'm not a gamer. I spend all my time traveling, making music, taking photographs and reading ... (continued on next page)

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