Capcom addresses SSFIV: AE balance issues, patch in the works

  • Posted August 2nd, 2011 at 18:01 EDT by PSU Community

During a Street Fighter X Tekken panel at EVO 2011, producer Yoshinori Ono said a balance patch for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is in the works. I got the opportunity to sit in on the panel, and Ono apologized and said he understands players’ frustrations, especially with the twins Yun & Yang. He also asked if players could stop blowing up their Twitter feed with profanities like “F#%k$ and Sucks."

I also got to see a live demo of Street Fighter X Tekken. The game is exactly how it sounds, with Tekken players re-imagined in the Street Fighter universe. The game has a tag team system, sort of like assists in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, but the system is more similar to Tekken Tag Tournament.

Based on the live videos I saw, it looks like Kuma and Ibuki were announced, but nothing was confirmed. You can check them out below.


Article by Devin Coburn

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