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The dated graphics can't stop a great storyline from being great.

We like

  • Great conversion to PS3
  • Phenomenal sounds
  • Legendary storyline

We dislike

  • Dated graphics
  • MGS2 visually inconsistent
  • Lack of graphical attention to Peace Walker

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(continued from previous page) ...well as environment look very "icky" by today's standards. I say this mostly because Sons of Liberty has some very distinct discrepancies, especially in terms of colors and shades. It being the first attempt on PlayStation 2 can excuse these issues, since the game, like the other two on the disc, plays like a golden harp. However, dark textures look nasty, and Snake even starts meshing into the shadows in a very unnatural looking way. On a brighter note, however, the weather intensity on the Tanker level is still as glorious as it had ever been, showing violent and changing rain fall; though, the ship doesn't move on an obviously violent Hudson River like the boat did in Uncharted 3, but the comparison is unfair for both parties. I would also like to accredit Sons of Liberty for having very clean gameplay, though the cut-scenes are far from beautiful, which is how the game looked and played in 2001. Apart from these discrepancies, Sons of Liberty is still a strong game and more than worthy of being included in this collection.

Snake Eater looks and sounds great, even though a lot of limitations from the hardware of the last generation can still be shown within it, such as rigid and defined environments as well as unblended textures between a character's face and the rest of his or her body. Regardless, it has one of the best stories ever told within the last 10 years and it still holds true today; for those of you who know the story, I still teared up at the end of the game.

Peace Walker was the game I was the most worried about heading into this collection, since it is a PSP game remade for PS3. Many of the nuances in both design and texture remain in the game, albeit upscaled and enriched, which give it the feel that the game is still a handheld game. The mechanics however feel very refreshing in comparison to the rest of the games on the collection. The art drawn by Ashley Wood has been rendered vividly in HD to still deliver a story in prime Kojima standard. The graphics don't really do much of a favor for the game in unforgiving HD. Nothing within Peace Walker is rigid or awkward, but nothing is redone or enhanced outside of texture refinement and fluidity of performance. With the cooperative play being such a complete and enthralling experience that mimics the popular Monster Hunter series, not having a better looking game is a bit of a disappointment. In that regard, the game still plays flawlessly and beautifully, especially with the added joystick and having extra triggers available for weapon swapping.

Overall, a collection of games inspired by one of the most revolutionary games in the gaming industry would be a worthwhile purchase for any reason. If the historical reference isn't enough, then the stories within each game are great enough to entice anyone who enjoys a deep and engrossing plot. Graphics aren't even close to the potential of today, but the charms and angst that created a legendary franchise are embedded and primed once again within this gaming relic called Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. 

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