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The Darkness II
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February 7th, 2012
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February 11th, 2012
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Digital Extremes
2K Games
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Also on Xbox 360.

About The Darkness II

The Darkness II takes players down a brutal and personal path as Jackie Estacado, wielder of The Darkness -- an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction. Based on the supernatural horror comic book series created by Top Cow Productions, Inc., The Darkness II breaks out of the sea of conventional first-person shooters with its fervid Quad-Wielding gameplay, which will allow players to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies with their Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons. The game is layered with the use of dark versus light, steeped in deep and twisted storytelling, and engulfed in stylistic violence that is visualized through a hand-painted graphic noir technique that stays true to its comic book origins. It‚??s been two years since Jackie Estacado, now the Don of the Franchetti crime family, used The Darkness to kill the men responsible for his girlfriend‚??s murder. He‚??s been unable to shake the memory of Jenny‚??s death since bottling up his supernatural power, and now The Darkness wants out. A sudden, unprovoked attack on Jackie‚??s life heralds the start of a full-scale mob war, which has clearly been orchestrated by some outside force. The botched attempt opens the door for The Darkness to reemerge, and sets Jackie on a journey to hell and worse, as he unravels the mystery behind the attack and the motivations of The Darkness itself.



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A bloody and entertaining experience that offers a nice break from traditional war-style first-person shooters, The Darkness II may be a bit too linear and short for some, but the action never gets old.

We like

  • Quad-wielding combat is a joy
  • Some strong narrative elements
  • Co-op mode extends the experience

We dislike

  • A bit too linear
  • Very short campaign
  • Graphics sometimes get muddy

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There is a sequence towards the end of The Darkness II that does a pretty good job of showing off the game’s strengths and weaknesses. Our protagonist Jackie Estacado is at an abandoned carnival in pursuit of the Brotherhood—the game’s chief antagonists—and through a series of hallucinations or flashbacks, his dead lover, Jenny is by his side. The pair end up on a frightening fun house ride, and pl...

The Darkness II News

  • The Darkness II trailer for all you NIN fans

    2K has released a new trailer for The Darkness II featuring music from Nine Inch Nails. The trailer shows off Jackie’s quad-wielding powers, and his ability to absolutely destroy enemies in bloody executions. The game is slated for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on Feb. 7 in N...

  • The Darkness II gets 4-player co-op mode

    The Darkness II will feature a four-player co-op mode by the name of Vendettas, publisher 2K has announced. Vendettas will take place parallel to the main story of protagonist Jackie Estacado, and has players choosing from four different characters, each possessing a unique Darkness weapon. D...

  • New Darkness II trailer gets gory

    2K Games has unleashed an artsy, blood-drenched trailer for The Darkness II for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below and watch hero Jackie Estacado dispatch foes in stylistic, gory fashion. The Darkness II is due out in the U.S. on February 7, 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a Eu...

  • 2K unveils The Darkness II Limited Edition as Pre-Order bonus

    Similar to the recently released – and reviewed – Dark Souls, The Darkness II will feature a “limited edition” version in, that can be acquired by pre-ordering the game. As a free upgrade, players who pre-order The Darkness 2 in and receive the limited edition will have acce...

  • New Darkness II character breakdown video

    Heading straight into 2K headquarters, two creators explain many of the dynamic characters and events that players will encounter in The Darkness II. The video also previews quite a bit of the combat system, showing a very robust system of gun play and demonic powers. Check out the footage below....

  • E3 2011: The Darkness II gets all-new screenshots

    2K’s shined the spotlight on a blood-soaked collection of screenshots on upcoming actioner The Darkness II. Check out a few images below, and then head on over to our Darkness II gallery to view the full batch. ...

  • The Darkness II gets E3 2011 trailer

    2K’s pulled the curtain back on its official E3 2011 trailer for The Darkness II. Check it out below. The cel-shaded horror sequel is due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in October 2011. ...

  • The Darkness II, Inversion dated for U.K.

    2K’s pinned a U.K. release date on The Darkness II, confirming the sequel’s due out in the region on October 7, 2011. The Digital Extremes-developed shooter introduces “quad wielding,” allowing protagonist Jackie Estacado to utilize his darkness powers and firearms simulta...

  • Mike Patton signs up for The Darkness II

    2K Games has revealed that Faith No More’s Mike Patton will be stepping out of the spotlight and into the shadows to reprise his role as demonic entity The Darkness in The Darkness II. Speaking on the news, 2K boss man Christoph Hartmann commented, "The story behind The Darkness II wou...

  • The Darkness II announced

    2K Games has shined the spotlight on The Darkness II, confirming the sequel’s due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in fall 2011. Development duties have passed from Starbreeze over to Digital Extremes, the same studio responsible for Dark Sector. As expected, the long-rumored follow...

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