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Ridge Racer Vita
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Release Date (US):
February 22nd, 2012
Release Date (UK):
February 22nd, 2012
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Namco Bandai
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0 of 1166 Games
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Exclusive to PlayStation Vita.

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What could be isn't in this portable Ridge Racer, and what is should be in a better game.

We like

  • Online play is smooth
  • Menus are beautiful and streamline

We dislike

  • Strickly online
  • No gameplay variations
  • No 3G gameplay in an online-only game

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Ridge Racer has been a title that's graced console launches since the original PlayStation, but this installment didn't come out until a month after the First Edition PlayStation Vitas released. I'd also care to wager that long-time gamers know the potential danger behind a delayed release: the game will either be improved or terrible. The fellows at Cellius delayed the game release a couple weeks for a reason, but was that re...

Ridge Racer Vita News

  • Daytona DLC to grace Ridge Racer PS Vita

    Namco Bandai has confirmed it will be pumping out fresh DLC for Ridge Racer PlayStation Vita next month in the shape of some Daytona USA-inspired goodies. Due out in Japan on June 6, the Daytona-flavoured fun begins with the classic Hornet car, which will be up for download at 250 yen. In additio...

  • New trailer for Ridge Racer Vita drifts our way

    Namco-Bandai has today released a new trailer for the PlayStation Vita reboot of the Ridge Racer series, detailing what to expect in the game. Online play, “precision drifting controls,” new locations, vehicles and more are all packed into this over-the-top arcade drift-racing game. Tak...

  • Ridge Racer US release date announced, DLC included

    The fellows down at PlayStation Blog announced the release date of March 13 for Ridge Racers, which is already available in both Europe and Japan. Though this series usually has a game with every PlayStation launch, U.S. recipients are offered incentive for their patience, in the form of a DLC pack...

  • New Ridge Racer PS Vita screenshots

    Namco Bandai has unleashed a fresh batch of Ridge Racer PlayStation Vita images for your consumption. Check out a couple of shots below, and then have a gander at the rest of the screenshots in our Ridge Racer gallery here. Ridge Racer for PS Vita launches alongside Sony’s new handhe...

  • Ridge Racer PS Vita to get free DLC

    Early adopters of Ridge Racer on PlayStation Vita will be granted access to a free batch of downloadable content. Namco Bandai confirmed that early copies of the portable title will feature a ‘Ridge Racer Gold Pass,’ giving players access to five extra vehicles, three new tracks, two ...

  • Ridge Racer Vita getting new cars, tracks via DLC

    Namco Bandai has confirmed that it will supplement Ridge Racer Vita’s lacklustre day-one track/car line-up with a series of downloadable content additions this winter. Fans were understandably miffed when it emerged the portable racer would ship with only three courses and five motors, though...

  • Ridge Racer Vita gets new screens

    Namco has pushed a fresh batch of Ridge Racer Vita screenshots out of the garage for your consumption. Treat your eyes to a couple of images below and then race over to our Ridge Racer Vita gallery to have a butcher’s at the rest. Ridge Racer Vita will form part of the launch line-up for Sony...

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