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Mass Effect 3 is unequivocally the game to beat this year. If you're not a fan, this is a great time to hop on board the Normandy.

We like

  • Superb plot filled with gripping twists and thought-provoking choices
  • Finds a great balance between ME1 and 2 in terms of combat/upgrades
  • Multiplayer is surprisingly solid

We dislike

  • Some minor performance issues
  • Quest management not as good as ME2

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(continued from previous page) ...Other elements aren’t so subtle. Reapers dominate the landscape, destroying skyscrapers, Turian cruisers and generally striking fear into players with their mechanical, almost guttural growls. Aurally the game totally delivers, with roaring battle anthems and melancholy passages alike acting the ideal complement to the epic on-screen antics. Voice acting meanwhile stands shoulder-to-shoulder with past games, with even generic, nameless NPCs pulling their weight in weaving Mass Effect 3’s intergalactic narrative as much as the main cast. Hearing the banter of a wife and her departing soldier hubby, for example, really put a lump in my throat.

Overall, from combat to storytelling, Mass Effect 3 is an absolute monster of a game. Despite some visual inconsistencies (clipping, Shepard talking to thin air for a few seconds), and a poor mission management that inexplicably fails to update your progress, there’s little to complain about. At the end of the day, BioWare has crafted an emotionally-charged spectacle that is unlikely to be surpassed for some time. Shepard, we salute you.

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