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  • Posted March 20th, 2012 at 22:47 EDT by Cuguy

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Binary Domain

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Even on low difficulty with aim assist this game provides a challenge to newcomers to 3rd person shooters

We like

  • Dialog is fantastic and is delivered well
  • Robots can be surgically dismantled with gunfire
  • Boss battles are epic

We dislike

  • Music is poor, sound effects are pretty standard
  • Level design is very linear, but it works
  • Twitchy character movements hinder some action sequences

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(continued from previous page) ...environments that have multi-level buildings. In some instances it is required to be above a boss during one of the epic battles, and the sense of scale of these battles is truly awesome and the environments play well into these segments. Don’t expect anything new with the textures and scenery, but rather expect a world that is fully realized in HD glory and is above all, almost believable.

Once the campaign has tied up, there’s a full multiplayer mode to get into. Standard ‘been there, done that’ modes are all accounted for: Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are all here — as well as Invasion Mode, which allows up to four players to battle through wave after wave of consecutive enemy patrols from the single player campaign. While the diversity of the available modes is nice, it is ultimately crippled by poor MP maps and no real ranking system. What would have been ace is an online co-op for the main game. I can’t imagine how this was overlooked, as the whole time playing I kept thinking, this is a perfect fit for online co-op. Shame, something so obvious being overlooked in an otherwise stellar game.

In the end you are entering into a game that achieves a goal not commonly found in titles this gen. Witty, well spoken dialogue, an engaging storyline (if not a little cheesy), and the perfect blend of difficulty mixed with action. Even on low difficulty with aim assist this game provides a challenge to newcomers to 3rd person shooters. For those seasoned vets, pump up the difficulty and disable assists and you are in for a treat!

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  • Related game: Binary Domain

    Release date (US):
    TBA 2012
    SEGA Japan
    Shooter - Third Person
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