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  • Posted April 16th, 2012 at 13:37 EDT by Adam Dolge

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A challenging racer with heavy physics, Ridge Racer Unbounded is a blast once you get over that learning curve and unleash your power on some unsuspecting opponents.

We like

  • Explosive and sharp gameplay
  • Smooth graphics and clear HUD
  • Interesting online component

We dislike

  • Tracks and modes get repetitive
  • Track editor a bit inaccessible
  • A.I. is sometimes too good

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(continued from previous page) ...a kick out of it, but it gets a bit boring compared to Domination.

Bugbear made an extremely attractive racer. The graphics are incredibly sharp and it runs slippery smooth. There is nothing cluttered about the HUD, either. Instead of words that fly at the screen to tell you important information, it’s scattered on the buildings as you whiz through the tracks. This is all done very well and provides you with just the right amount of information.

This is a game that requires some practice. The A.I. is good, but definitely not unfair. They will come after you, but they don’t single you out. If you are behind some other racers, you can watch them use power to take one another out. If you are in front, you’ll likely have a bullseye stuck on your bumper, so watch out. The physics of the game feel weighty, almost heavy. Again, it’s not an unfair game, but it is far more challenging than some other modern racers.

Outside the single-player mode, Bugbear has another ace up its sleeve—that’s the track editor. Just like games like LittleBigPlanet, Unbounded wants you to create the game. But, unlike Media Molecule, Bugbear didn’t make it obsessively easy. However, there are some really great user-created tracks, and we’ll likely find more as people get more accustomed to this mode. You can make jumps, turns, and whatever else you want on your track, but the editor doesn’t end there. You can put objectives on your tracks allowing you to essentially create your own world for yourself, your friends, or strangers.

There is a lot of fun to have in Unbounded, but at times the track progression feels repetitive and the track editor may go unused by some because it’s a bit inaccessible. Still, this is a blast for those looking for an exciting and explosive racer. Get over the tough learning curve, spend some time on other users’ tracks, build your own, and master drifting and you are on your way to a truly enjoyable experience.

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