10 PlayStation characters we NEED in All-Stars Battle Royale

  • Posted May 1st, 2012 at 19:56 EDT by Don Oliveira

(continued from previous page) ...its first attempt at the genre; Jeanne d’Arc is one of our favorite PSP games to date.

Jeanne’s Super Move: Signaling her French army of archers to launch a volley of arrows.


8. Kat [Gravity Rush]

We realize Gravity Rush isn’t even out yet (outside of Japan), but we’re already completely sold; we’re sure that this’ll be a must-own Vita title. The lead protagonist, Kat, has the ability to manipulate gravity, which is why we chose her for this list. We can imagine a lot of fun ways in which she can play. Running on walls? Check. Flipping enemies onto their heads? Oh yeah.

Kat’s Super Move: Something to the effect of inverting every other player’s controls.


9. A Dragon [Lair]

Wait – don’t stop reading yet. Yes, we realize Lair wasn’t the best game to utilize the PlayStation 3’s Sixaxis control scheme, but that doesn’t mean dragons didn’t look totally awesome in that game. If being a geek has taught us anything, it’s that dragons make everything better. Take Skyrim, for example. We’d love to play as a dragon in Battle Royale. Wouldn’t you?

Dragon’s Super Move: More dragons.


10. Rudy Roughnight [Wild Arms]

If any of you have played Wild Arms, then you’d know that Rudy packed a hefty punch with his devastating weapon, the hand-cannon. As our final entry on our top ten list, we’re confident that you Wild Arms fans out there will be happy with this selection. 

Rudy’s Super Move: Using his Arc Smash to do 9999 damage.


What do you think? Who would you like to see in Battle Royale?

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