Borderlands 2 Q&A: You asked, PSU answered!

  • Posted July 17th, 2012 at 20:51 EDT by Kyle Prahl

If you followed PSU's extensive coverage of Borderlands 2 last week, you might know that I was recently given the chance to sit down with a near-complete build of the game and play as the enigmatic assassin Zer0. I tried to be as thorough as possible in my hands-on impressions, but one simply cannot cover all Borderlands 2 has to offer in a mere few pages.

That's why I turned to you - our revered community of PSU readers and forum members - to field your questions about the game. I'm here to serve you, the PlayStation Nation, so what better way to do so than to ask what you care about?

I'll be using my knowledge from hands-on time with the game and discussions with folks at Gearbox Software to answer your questions as best I can. If your question didn't get picked, don't fret - feel free to PM me through our fantastic forums, and I can try to answer your question one-on-one.

Finally, let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see more features like this from PSU. The whole team is here to serve and unite the original PlayStation community, so we (and myself) are always open to feedback.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

Community member DarkVincent07 asks,

"Hey! I'm wondering what role do the playable characters from
Borderlands 1 play in Borderlands 2?"

Hey! The roles of Lilith the Siren, Roland the Soldier, Mordecai the Hunter, and Brick the Brick are shaping up to be serious catalysts in the game's narrative. Gearbox level designer Carl Shedd described them to me as the "main characters" of the story, and from what I played, he's spot-on. You'll receive missions from them. You'll witness them have natural conversations that highlight their personalities in a way the first game never even alluded to. In at least one case, they'll even fight alongside you (kinda). Check out my hands-on impressions for a detailed example of how you'll be interacting with the Borderlands cast throughout its sequel.

Community member Terminator 101 asks,

"Will the game have split screen online"

As a PlayStation nut, these concerns were very important to me. So, to your first question - yes, you can play with any combination of split-screen and online players. Two players on one TV with two players on another? Totally! Two players on on TV with two other players from different states? Absolutely! Anything goes, and I can't wait for the opportunities this will open up.

"Will the game allow the second player to use his own saves, as well as his own PSN profile(and trophies))?"

Your second question is a bit more interesting, if only because it's a question that I myself posed numerous times to folks at Gearbox. You can definitely use your own save files on a friend's PS3, and it seems that all of your characters will be stored and saved within that single profile (making the transfer easier). Mr. Pitchford also made reference to using the cloud for moving saves, but it was unclear whether the game would feature its own native cloud support or he was simply referring to Xbox 360's native ability to do so and cloud storage for PlayStation Plus users. This matter, as well as the question of simultaneous PSN login, is one to which I've been pursuing clarification since the preview event.

Finally, "Is the world more interactive(destructive), or is it still all scripted like in the first game?"

The world at large does indeed offer more opportunity for interaction, but the changes lie mostly with how enemies use environmental objects to evolve (and how you can interrupt this process). The areas that I explored did not seem a great deal more malleable than zones from the first game, but it'd be safe to expect at least a little more interactivity in Borderlands 2.

Community member DreDayDetox asks,

"Is it longer than the first?"

Level designer Carl Shedd described the game's length as comparable to the first Borderlands. That said, there is a greater focus on placing side quests and optional content within the game world as opposed to the all-too-familiar Bounty Board trips that the first Borderlands was known for. Therefore, you'll be wandering around and exploring in a world that is more varied and immersive than ever - ... (continued on next page) ----

Kyle Prahl is a PSU senior editor and a Communications student at the University of Minnesota. If you care about PlayStation or the life of a pale Midwesterner, you should follow him on Twitter.
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