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Strong proof that MGS works on handhelds, even if Peace Walker isn't on it.

We like

  • Optimized MGS2 and MGS3 ports
  • Transfarring is simple and clean
  • Gameplay as fluid as any console version

We dislike

  • No Peace Walker or Ape Escape mini-game
  • Slight hindrances with specific controls

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(continued from previous page) ...button while moving to walk slowly.

It’s commonplace to believe that sounds don’t have as much impact as they do on consoles, but the orchestral and bombastic sounds of these two games still hold their strong influences equally in comparison to their original outings, and even in comparison to the PS3’s MGS HD Collection. In order to experience the best possible sound, I highly recommend using the best headphones you can find. You will not be disappointed.

The exclusion of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a strong statement that many gamers dislike. I can’t justify this fact by simply saying that the PSP version is playable on the PS Vita, especially since I absolutely love collecting trophies, but it’s true, no matter how much we hate it. However, the nice thing about this collection is that players can “Transfar” their saves from the PS Vita version to the PS3 version of this collection, and vice versa. This process may sound lame, but it also unlocks trophies for the version to which the save is being Transfarred. To also eliminate pirating saves, Kojima Productions has made it so that saves intermingled between consoles are locked to those consoles, so players can’t connect their PS Vitas to a friend’s console and unlock their trophies.

The full experiences of Snake Eater and Sons of Liberty are all here. Even things from the re-released versions of these two games, Subsistence and Substance respectively, appear in this collection, such as Demo Theater, the NES Metal Gear Games in Subsistence and VR Missions and Snake Tales in Substance. However, the Ape Escape missions do not make an appearance. This may not be a big deal to many, but it feels a bit dodgy, since the Ape Escape license is owned by Sony and the only reason to exclude it is because of time constraints.

For the price of one PS Vita game, gamers can buy two great Metal Gear games and have hours of time to play through all of the content and experience all of the little Easter Eggs, the big plot twists, and the robust characterizations all in one place. Please don’t let the exclusion of Peace Walker be a deal breaker, this collection still has the caliber to take on any big PS Vita title for time spent in your PS Vita. Besides, it’s all the more reason to justify the fact that a full PS Vita Metal Gear game could easily work.


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