North American PSN Update; August 7, 2012

(continued from previous page) ...Vita copy (20% off) – PS Plus Price $11.99

-Sound Shapes- Vita Game w/ PS3 Copy (20% off) – PS Plus Price $11.99

-International Track and Field (Free PS one Classic)

-Hot Shots Golf 2 (Free PS one Classic)




Papo & Yo Preorder Offer (Static Theme Gift With Purchase) ($14.99)

Pre-Order Papo & Yo Today and receive a Free Theme! Papo & Yo is a Puzzle-Platforming Adventure that follows the tale of a young boy named Quico and his best friend Monster, a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth and an addiction to poisonous frogs. When the minute Monster eats a frog, he goes into a violent rage that’s bad news for everyone around. And yet, Quico isn’t afraid to make a dangerous journey through a magical, constantly-changing world to find a cure for his best friend. This is their story…

ESRB: E10+




-Normaltanks – PS mini (now $0.99, original price $3.99)

-Payday: The Heist – PSN Game (now $13.99, original price $19.99)

-Super Stardust HD Game Bundle (now: $7.99 old price: $14.99)

-Super Stardust HD Solo Add-on Pack (now: $3.19 old price: $4.99)

-Super Stardust HD Team Add-on Pack (now: $3.19 old price: $4.99)

-Super Stardust HD Solo Pack (In Game Purchase version) (now: $3.19 (old price: $4.99)

-Super Stardust HD Team Pack (In Game Purchase) (now: $3.19 old price: $4.99)

-Two Worlds II Velvet Game Of The Year Edition – PS3 Full Game (now $9.99, original price $34.99)


Price Change

-LittleBigPlanet 2 – PS3 Full Game (now $19.99, original price $39.99)


PS3 Add-ons


UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception

-Tournament Tickets (10 for $4.49, 20 for $7.49, 50 for $15.99, 200 for $50.99) – The brand new UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer Tournament System ushers in a points-based competition that has three reward tiers which grant you special in-game weapons or items based on how well you’ve played. Once you unlock a weapon or item it’s yours to use until the next tournament period. You can buy into a tournament using tournament tickets. You’ll always carry a balance of ten tickets per tournament period but you will be able to purchase more via the PS Store. A tournament leaderboard will be added to the leaderboards section so you can track your skill level among your friends!


-Map “VERGE” ($1.99) – VERGE features two distinct bases as players jump between vectors, and sneak through multiple paths to gain the upper hand. Battle and master the multiple planes in this intense and frantic map.

-Map “RIOT” ($1.99) – RIOT features a dark deserted urban landscape. Fight in multiple buildings, several levels, and an intense sniper’s paradise. Master your Gravlink to pull campers from their cover, throw objects, and gain the upper ground for control of the map.

Darksiders II

-Season Pass ($19.99) – Season Pass provides a discount on the Maker Armor Set (available now), The Abyssal Forge (available soon), and The Demon Lord Belial (available soon). Please note Season Pass does not include any content other than the three items listed above. Season Pass content should be accessed and downloaded in-game, or you may be charged twice. Visit for more details.

Adidas miCoach

-Rugby Pack ($4.99) – A full rugby training programme to add to your miCoach living room experience – train with the best! Train in the comfort of your own home with an all-star rugby training team – Ma’a Nonu and Will Genia. It’s your exercise world, perfectly synced from your PlayStation 3 system, via the web or via your smartphone.

PAYDAY The Heist

-Wolfpack ($9.99) – PAYDAY The Heist Wolfpack is the first DLC for this action filled FPS. Features: New Weapons: STRYK full auto pistol, AK Automatic Rifle, Grenade Launcher and deployable sentry gun. 2 New Heists: Undercover (transfer money to your account from the IRS) and Counterfeit (secret operation in Florida). Hosting Ability: Invite friends to play in the new DLC maps even if they do not own the DLC themselves. New Skilltree: Raise your level cap to 192.

Mass Effect 3

-Firefight Pack ($1.99) – Unleash hell with the Firefight Pack! Firefight adds seven weapons for use in the single-player campaign: the Indra and Krysae sniper rifles, Reegar Carbine, Harrier battle rifle, Geth SMG, plus the all-new Blood Pack Punisher SMG and Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle!

Dragon’s Dogma

-Notice Board Quests – The Savvy ($2.99) – After completing “Reward and Responsibility,” an extra 8 exclusive quests become available at notice boards everywhere.

-From a Different Sky – Bundle Pack ... (continued on next page)

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