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It's on the pitch that really matters and PES 2013 delivers an exciting, fluid game of football that finally takes it to the next level.

We like

  • On the fly manual passing adds an unprecedented amount of freedom
  • Slicker animations and smoother player movements makes for a more realistic game of footy
  • Improved A.I. impresses across the pitch

We dislike

  • Doesn't offer the same wealth of game modes and online features as its rival FIFA

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(continued from previous page) ...which pitches the best teams in the world against each other, while the return of Facebook connectivity for bragging rights may appeal to the social media crowd, but, in comparison to FIFA, which has brought its football game in line with what’s happening in the real world of soccer, it doesn’t compare.

Nonetheless, the addition of a performance training hub is excellent, allowing you to spend time honing your advanced skills and getting to grips with the new manual passing system. The Copa Santader Libertadores should appeal to those in Latin America, while Become A Legend mode returns - as well as the Master League - have received subtle tweaks to improve their appeal. The servers are offline so we’ve not had the chance to test out Master League Online, but the promise of a more accurate match-making system that puts players together of a similar level, as well the ability to customise leagues, should lead to some fierce and exciting competition online.

Ultimately, it’s the manual passing system that has elevated PES 2013 to the next level, but across the board the improvements are clear to see, from the improvement in graphics to what really matters, the gameplay. This is the first time for a number of years that we’ve been totally engrossed in Pro Evolution Soccer. We’re sure PES fans are going to love the improvements and its fluid gameplay and freedom on the pitch may well attract back some of the fans that the series lost over the last few years. 


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