LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game review

  • Posted November 20th, 2012 at 08:33 EDT by PSU Staff

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LEGO Lord of the Rings

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A fantastic tribute to The Lord Of The Rings franchise and one of the best LEGO games to boot.

We like

  • Top notch production that does LOTR justice throughout with great audio, voice-acting and a fantastic looking game-world.
  • Feels more like an adventure game than previous LEGO iterations with RPG elements, enjoyable exploration in appealing LOTR world and exciting bouts of action.
  • So much to do, unlock and collect that it will keep you busy for months. Seamless co-op play is excellent.

We dislike

  • Questionable friendly A.I. Seeing your Fellowship fall off a bridge when they simply had to walk across it can be frustrating.
  • Occasionally poor camera angles can lead to misjudged jumps while platforming.

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(continued from previous page) ...A.I, your team-mates, aren’t the brightest bunch. Indeed, when you have a large group accompanying you – most noticeable with The Fellowship in tow - they’ll occasionally wander off, not be of much use in a fight and even fall off the end of cliffs while they’re trying to follow you. To that extent, it’s clear that this is a game that should be played co-operatively and when played with a friend LOTR offers an engaging and immensely fun experience via the seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op.

Taking everything into account, LEGO: Lord Of The Rings isn’t quite the perfect adventure, and like previous games annoying camera angles can make some of the platforming sections a little frustrating, especially when you misjudge a jump for the umpteenth time. However, it ticks so many boxes for a movie tie-in that its small imperfections are forgiveable. Traveller’s Tales once again does incredible justice to the movies it mimics with a great production comprising of impressive audio, strong level design, creative puzzles and exciting boss battles. LEGO: Lord Of The Rings is an outstanding tribute to the Lord Of The Rings franchise delivered with the creativity and skill we’ve come to take for granted by those clever folk at TT. This is our favourite LEGO game to date.

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