PlayStation 2 tribute - Our fondest memories and favourite games

(continued from previous page) ...liked on the Dreamcast than the Gamecube and XBOX combined. My wallet would always curse at me when I walked into a game store as I'd always be coming out with new RPGs to play on a weekly basis.

There were two continuous moments of greatness for me with the PS2 that had me constantly glued to the screen. The first was the return of Romance of the Three Kingdoms to a console. We didn't see five on the PS1. 6 was there but was so different it didn't feel like 4 and there was too big of a time gap between the SNES and the PS1 when it was released. But when 7 hit the scene my life was over for weeks, and soon 8 came out, and suddenly there was 9 a year later and then 10. 4 ROTKs in as many years? Joyousness was too weak of a word to describe how much fun I had.

The second moment was the showdown of my two favourite gaming series trying to be #1 in my heart and mind. Suikoden 2 is my favourite game of all time. I also loved Persona 2, and both of them were on the PS1. Suikoden got in the first jabs coming out with Suikoden 3, 4 and Tactics before Persona 3 hit the scene. But Suikoden 5 and Persona 4 blew me away. I wait for a Suikoden 6 and a Persona 5 to blow my mind, but if they never come I'll just relive the joy and experience of their adventures on the PS2.

Tim Nunes – Staff Writer and Editor

My standards, expectations, and drive for gaming all stem from my first PlayStation experience: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I missed the boat, and I didn't even know it. I visited my cousin for a week in 2002, and he brought out his PlayStation 2 and booted up what I now consider the fundamental experience of my gaming career in MGS2. The long and situationally-specific codec calls and detailed cut scenes built characterization on an icon that I hadn't even met, and the intrigue nearly suffocated me with delight. I went on to buying that very game a total of seven times in my life (regular, Greatest Hits, Substance on both PS2 and original Xbox, and the HD Collection for both PS3 and PS Vita), and the experience has never aged through my 40+ playthroughs. Without it, my love for Hideo Kojima would never have happened, and the sheer spontaneity of coming across it has made my world that much greater.

It's not hard to believe that my love for PlayStation wouldn't have grown so strong without Sons of Liberty. Up until I was introduced to this title, I had been in the exclusive worlds of Nintendo 64 and Xbox, making bad decisions. Once the magic of the PS2 graced my eyes, I all but disregarded whatever else was in the gaming world for a very long time. My once-beloved games like Super Smash Brothers and Knights of the Old Republic had been dwarfed, toppled, and crushed by what ultimately became a series that changed my life, and the PlayStation 2 was the magical device to bring my current life into fruition.

After MGS2, titles like Final Fantasy X, Odin Sphere, Snake Eater, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Dragonball Z Budokai took their fair share of time in my everlasting old PlayStation 2. The greatest generation of gaming took place on the PlayStation 2, and the generations to come will have to topple a great piece of hardware in order to claim such an honored title.


Universally acclaimed Final Fantasy X introduced beautiful 3D arenas. A breathtaking production.

PhillyFreak – Forum Elder

I still remember the PS2 launch like it was yesterday. I was 15 years old, it was summer, and I needed money to buy one. My cousin-in law was able to get me a job working at her employer. I worked for a couple months and saved up enough money to pre-order a PS2. After my last paycheck, I went to a local EBGames to pre-order the system, an 8MB memory card, DOA2: Hardcore, SSX, and Madden '01. I was very fortunate to have been able to pre-order the system (Sony had ... (continued on next page)

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