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  • Posted February 4th, 2013 at 14:39 EDT by Dane Smith

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A graphic adventure game that has triple-A humor but lacks the substance to be an ever-lasting gem. Great for a single run through or to enjoy a laugh with friends, but once the laughs die down so does the game. Only lovers of the genre will keep coming back for thirds and fourths.

We like

  • Witty and fun humor
  • Different level designs
  • Character variety

We dislike

  • Game ruining bugs
  • Easy puzzles
  • Limited replayability

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(continued from previous page) ...die the character just reappears as if nothing happened and the game continues.

Graphically this is not a colossal titan and doesn’t even come close to taxing the PS3’s graphics engine. However, the visuals are smooth and sleek, looking artistic rather than bland in its cartoonish style. The character designs are also fun to look at as they add to the humor of the game. Seeing the Knight stand there and tentatively tap his hands together as if he were afraid of dying by some unspeakable doom in a haunted house was a fun contrast from his brave and fearless counterparts.

At the time of release The Cave is crippled with game breaking bugs which hurts such a delicate genre as this. The game does not have multiple saves. If you want to start a new game you have to overwrite your current game, which means bugs ruin hours of gameplay. I had to restart after running into a bug involving the Adventurers ability to jump off ladders making it impossible for me to get out of a pit and continue. After doing some research on the game’s forums these glitches are not an isolated incident as they are wreaking havoc with players on the 360, PC and PS3, with different platforms suffering from some glitches that other formats do not have.

At the end of the day The Cave is what it is; a graphic adventure game that has witty humor, and if that's your thing then you'll find it an enjoyable romp. The demo is free to try out for those who never tried the genre before or are afraid of the bugs. If you are a fan of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island type games, namely a focus on dialogue and story rather than action, then this is a game you will enjoy. If you need to be killing hoards of enemies or head shotting people to have fun then this is definitely not your cup of tea -- there isn't even an attack button.

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