PS4: hands-on, name, pricing, software and more - PSU predicts NYC next-gen reveal event

We were having a rather slow, boring few weeks to be honest – it’s usually like that in the first couple of months of the gaming year - when Sony all of a sudden woke us up by releasing this mysterious video and sending us an invite to an event in New York City

Though it still hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony that the PS4 will be revealed at the event, the industry is 99.9 percent that this will be the case and PSU will be heading there to give you the lowdown direct from New York City.

Since the invite, we’ve been wildly speculating as to what we’ll actually see and hear at the event so we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts with you and also ask what you think Sony will have up its sleeve on February 20th.


Here’s some predictions from the PSU staff…

Ernest Lin – Editor & Writer

Like I said in last week's Podcast Derailed, I think my biggest prediction is that the next PlayStation will not be named the PS4 and instead "PlayStation Orbis" or "PlayStation (other name)." Why's that? The number 4 is an unlucky number in several Asian cultures including Chinese, Korean, & Japanese. Phones and electronics in these countries have skipped using the number 4 before. The Korean electronics company Samsung is set to reveal their next flagship Galaxy phone, which should be the Galaxy S IV. The model number of the S IV has been revealed as being GT-i9500, instead of GT-i9400. Throughout many Asian countries, including Japan, buildings like hotels and hospitals will not have a fourth floor or even rooms with the number four in them. The closest Western equivalent would be the superstition around the number 13.

The superstition comes from the sound for the number "four" being a homophone to the word for "death" in many Asian languages, which trace their origins to Chinese. In Japanese, the verb "to die" is "shinu" (死ぬ) with the Chinese kanji character in the word (死) spoken as "shi" and meaning "death." The word for four is also pronounced as "shi." As someone who is Asian, I feel it is a big enough superstition for Sony to avoid the PlayStation 4 name. They don't want the PlayStation to die!

Mike Harradence – Managing Editor

“Sony’s apparent decision to lift the curtains on PlayStation 4 later this month seems to me like they are attempting to get one-up on Microsoft, something which they failed to do with the PS3. As such, I would expect more than just a fleeting glimpse at its next home console, though at the same time they don’t want to shoot all the big guns until E3 or TGS. However, I reckon the PlayStation Meeting will leave our jaws well and truly floored.

For one, I expect a full gander at the machine itself, including name (i'm still going with 'PS4'), projected release date and some raw specs. However, I have a feeling Sony will opt to leave the controller unveil to a later date. Gaikai is a must-show, though, with confirmation hopefully that it will be replacing traditional backwards compatibility – something which Sony eschewed from latter PS3 models.

As for software, I do not expect any playable demoes, though we’ll definitely get a look at some major first-party titles. Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games are some of the studios I expect to be there in full force showcasing what next-gen gems they have up their sleeves. I would like to see some fresh IP from these guys though (with the possible exception of Polyphony) aside from the predictable sequel route.

As for the rest, that’ll no doubt be at E3.”


Rumour of Feb PS4 reveal sends the Internet crazy

Fraser Miller – Writer

I'm going to put forward the fact Guerrilla Games must have something to show off that will more than entice people to really want this new system. Could it be a new Killzone or a brand new shooter ready to take the world by storm? Also what has Polyphony Digital been up to? Perhaps they’ll be a brand new instalment of Gran Turismo shown off which will then ... (continued on next page) ----

A gamer since the days of the ZX Spectrum, Steven Williamson now works as General Manager for PSU. He's supposed to be managing, but if you're reading this, it means he's dipped into editorial again. Follow @steven_gamer
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