North American PSN Update; Feb 19, 2013

(continued from previous page) ...This mode supports up to 6-players in individual deathmatch, or team battles!

Rock Band 3

-A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More ‘Touch Me’ ($1.99)

-Black Rose ($0.99)

-Dozing Green ($1.99)

-One Week ($1.99)

-Political Bum ($1.99)

-Reaching Down ($0.99)

-Shine ($1.99)

-The Fractal Reason ($1.99)


-Black Betty by Ram Jam ($2.99)

-Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas ($2.99)

-You Got Another Thing Comin’ by Judas Priest ($2.99)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus

-Card Pack 11 ($1.99)

-Card Pack 12 ($1.99)

-Structure Deck 01 ($2.99)

-Super Pack 01 ($3.99)

Zombie Driver HD

-Apocalypse Pack ($2.99) – Experience two apocalyptic, insane vehicles along with a new Slaughter mode arena that will test your driving skills to the maximum. The pack includes a monster truck – Chaos 126p, plus an armored truck – Auroch, drivable in all game modes. The Military Base arena is a bonus addition to the Slaughter mode map arsenal.


PSP Add-ons

Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi (All $0.99)

-Ten pieces of AMBER

-Ten pieces of AMETHYST

-Ten pieces of AZURITE

-Ten pieces of BAMBOO LOG

-Ten pieces of BEATEN GOLD

-Ten pieces of BELLFLOWER

-Ten pieces of BLOODSTONE

-Ten pieces of BROCADE

-Ten pieces of CAMELLIA

-Ten pieces of COPPER

-Ten pieces of COTTON

-Ten pieces of COWHIDE

-Ten pieces of CYPRESS LOG

-Ten pieces of EBONY

-Ten pieces of FALSE HOLLY

-Ten pieces of FLUORITE

-Ten pieces of GOLD

-Ten pieces of HEMP

-Ten pieces of IRON ORE

-Ten pieces of IVORY

-Ten pieces of JADE

-Ten pieces of JAPANESE PAPER

-Ten pieces of JASPER

-Ten pieces of LACQUER

-Ten pieces of LAPIS LAZULI

-Ten pieces of LEATHER


-Ten pieces of LONGAN

-Ten pieces of MALACHITE

-Ten pieces of MAPLE LEAF

-Ten pieces of OBSIDIAN

-Ten pieces of PEARL

-Ten pieces of PEONY

-Ten pieces of PILOSE ANTLER

-Ten pieces of PLAITED CORD

-Ten pieces of RICE

-Ten pieces of RICE STRAW

-Ten pieces of RUBY

-Ten pieces of RUTILE

-Ten pieces of SAKE

-Ten pieces of SAKURA

-Ten pieces of SILK

-Ten pieces of SILVER

-Ten pieces of TALISMAN

-Ten pieces of THISTLE

-Ten pieces of THREAD

-Ten pieces of TIGER’S EYE

-Ten pieces of VALUABLE FUNGUS

-Ten pieces of WALNUT

-Ten pieces of WHETSTONE

-Ten pieces of WOOD


PS3 Themes

-Best PSN Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PSN Exclusive Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PlayStation Classic Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PS3 Full Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best Competitive Multiplayer Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best Indie Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best Mini Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PS Vita Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PlayStation Move Enabled Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Best PSP Game Static Theme (FREE)

-Clock: Aquarium Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Clock: Beach Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Clock: Hawaii Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Clock: Jellyfish Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Clock: Long Beach Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Clock: Northern Lights Digital Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Angry Dynamic Werewolf Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Crypt Keeper Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

-Dynamic Galaxy Theme 2 ($2.99)

-Dynamic Galaxy Theme 3 ($2.99)

-Wonderbook: Book of Spells Dynamic Theme (FREE)


PSP Themes

-Abbey Pirate PSP Theme ($1.99)

-Acantha Vampire PSP Theme ($1.99)

-Horror Skulls PSP Theme 2 ($1.99)

-Claus of War PSP Theme 2 ($1.99)

-Death Horror Skulls PSP Theme 3 ($1.99)

-Christmas Pinup Vintage PSP Theme ($1.99)

-Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood PSP Theme ($1.99)

-Adrastea Vampire PSP Theme ($1.99)

-I Never Did It PSP Theme ($1.49)


PS3 Wallpaper

-Terraria Wallpaper (FREE)


Game Videos (Free)

-Wonderbook: Book of Spells An Introduction

-Wonderbook: Book of Spells Developer Diary 4

-Wonderbook: Book of Spells Developer Diary 3

-Tearaway Announce Trailer

-the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hearthfire Trailer

-DUST 514: Gathering Forces Trailer

-Tom Clancy’s SC Blacklist Collector’s Edition Debut Video

-Urban Trial Freestyle Video

-Urban Trial Freestyle Video PS Vita


Available In-Game Only (Not on Playstation Store)

Assassin’s Creed III

-50 Erudito Pack + 100% Bonus ($1.99)

-155 Erudito Pack + 100% Bonus ($4.99)

-380 Erudito Pack + 100% Bonus ($9.99)

-925 Erudito Pack + 100% Bonus ($19.99)

Real Steel

-Evercharge 2x ($1.99)

-Koga Arm Lv.5 (L) ($1.99)

-Koga Arm Lv.5 (R) ($1.99)

-Koga Glove Lv.5 (L) ($1.99)

-Koga Glove Lv.5 (R) ($1.99)

-Koga Body Lv.5 ($1.99)

-Koga Head Lv.5 ($1.99)

-Koga Legs Lv.5 ($1.99)

-Koga Lv.5 Full Parts Set ($9.99)

-Elite Agility Modulator ($1.99)

-Ox Oil 2.0 ($1.99)

-Subjugator ($1.99)

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