10 burning questions we have about PlayStation 4

  • Posted February 27th, 2013 at 00:01 EDT by Kyle Prahl

(continued from previous page) ...style="font-size: larger;">6. How big will the hard drive(s) be?

This question walks hand-in-hand with the console's price. Charging more for bigger hard drives was commonplace this generation, and will likely continue to be, as downloadable games and multimedia content grab larger shares of storage space. Sony should aim high with the launch model and offer between 500 GB and 1 TB of space. Any less would seem like too small a jump up from PS3 standards; indeed, 500 GB PS3s have become the retail norm.

7. What other PS3 accessories, aside from the PS Move Wand and Navigation Controller, will be compatible?

Not many, I'd wager. Sony has spent time and money developing truly exceptional Bluetooth accessories, so it's a safe bet that your Pulse Wireless Headset will work with PS4. The same probably goes for Blu-Ray remotes and stereoscopic 3D glasses. There aren't many other official accessories to speak of (and you certainly won't be using your DualShock 3 with PS4), but the addition of a headset jack to every DualShock 4 will open up new options for listening and communicating while playing.

8. Will the PlayStation Camera's dual 1080p lenses enable full body motion tracking, like the Xbox Kinect's sensor?

This remains to be seen, for as much as we know about the PlayStation Camera (two 1080p cameras that can sense environmental depth and track the location of the DualShock 4), Sony has yet to explicitly state that it will accurately track body movements. If the Kinect sensor is capable of doing so, we can't imagine it would be difficult for the PlayStation Camera; the question is whether Sony cares. Kinect hasn't exactly been critically praised for its application to gaming, and in the wake of poor reception and sales for PlayStation Move, we imagine that Sony is hesitant to simply jump on motion-gaming bandwagons just because it can.

9. What will streaming services cost? Will we have to pay for PS3 games we already own?

Sony hasn't defined how PlayStation Plus will factor into PS4 moving forward, but I imagine that access to streaming will be somewhat tied to the premium service. It seems bearish to assume that Sony will charge you a service fee to stream PS4 and PS3 games to PS Vita, and the monthly addition of free PS3 games to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection opens the door for streaming to make Plus subscribers' lives easier. It's also perfectly reasonable to think that PSN games you already own--from PS1 and PS2 Classics to downloadable PS3 titles--might be streamed for free down the line. Still, I'd be shocked if a system is in place at launch to recognize any disc-based game you own and credit you for wanton streaming. The game in question would presumably need an associated digital version; besides, Sony hasn't exactly earned Western gamers' good will by failing to bring the UMD Passport program for the PlayStation Portable over from Japan.

10. And more streaming questions!

Can disc-based PS4 games be streamed to PS Vita, or will streaming only handle digital titles? Can we surf, browse, and play PS4 demos and games from the PS Vita browser, or will a Remote Play connection to PS4 be required? Will the PlayStation App on smartphones and tablets allow us to stream PS4 games anywhere, with the DualShock 4 serving as a Bluetooth accessory? Man, I hope so. Streaming is so new to console gaming, and, combined with Sony's mantra of social gaming and shared experiences, it makes for very nebulous territory. Here's hoping that Sony continues to offer specifics in the coming months, so the PS4 launch is plagued with as little confusion as possible.

Do you have other burning questions about PlayStation 4 not covered here? Did Sony's next-generation reveal impress you, or leave you wanting more? Sound off with your own questions in the comments below, and keep it here at PSU in the coming days, weeks, and months for everything PS4.

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