Fuse character profiles - meet Naya Deveraux (The Assault)

Welcome back to our series of features examining the agents behind Insomniac Games’ co-op shooter, Fuse. In our fourth and final instalment, we scrutinize Naya Deveraux, aka The Assault.

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A former assassin and specialist in CQC, Naya Deveraux was snapped up by the folks at Overstrike due the fact she is Raven Captain Luther Deveraux’s daughter. Her skills bring a new dimension to Overstrike that perfectly complements each team members’ individual attributes, with Deveraux favouring close encounters. Naya was originally conceived as a more stealth-based character, which ties in with the fact she also dabbled as a slippery thief in past years. However, it was decided her weapon set needed a bit more sting to it, and thus she adopted a combination of both stealth and aggression.

The Warp Rifle allows Deveraux to cloak herself, letting her sneak behind enemy lines where her proficiency in CQC really comes into play. Not only that, but it functions like an assault rifle for added firepower, but with a twist; should Naya fire at an enemy long enough, she’ll create a mini black hole boasting area-of-effect damage, as well as casting singularity with a similar chain effect. As back-up, Naya wields a Dragon Fly sub-machine gun, and the Prowler; a shotgun that plays to her strengths as a close proximity fighter. Mixing stealth and power, Deveraux is a diverse, capable combatant who isn't afraid to get up close and personal.

Fuse is available now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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