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May 28th, 2013
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May 31st, 2013
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Insomniac Games
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Insomniac's next franchise is the game once known as Overstrike. Very little on Fuse is known at this time, other than it will retain the 4-player co-op philosophy that fueled Overstrike development.

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Fuse is an exercise in mediocrity, pure and simple.

We like

  • Mildly enjoyable 4-player co-op
  • Splitscreen capable
  • Fun fuse-powered weapons

We dislike

  • Confusing, poorly-told story
  • Horrible ally and enemy AI
  • Annoying glitches

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Insomniac Games has a history of creating some wonderful games and franchises, including Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank. However, with its work on Resistance and now especially Fuse, I can’t help but wonder if the developer trying too hard to appeal to mainstream audiences, and in the process losing sight of what made its earlier games special. When Fuse was first unveiled, it was known as Overstrike and gave u...

Fuse News

  • Fuse dev already planning 'new experiences'

    Fuse has only just graced store shelves in North America, but it seems developer Insomniac Games is already thinking about the future of the franchise. Studio boss Ted price dropped the news during a natter on the Insomniac Games blog this week, while reflecting upon the game’s transition f...

  • FUSE winner announced as action-packed, team-based shooter launches

    A big thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win a PS3 copy of FUSE, Insomniac Games’ upcoming team-based shooter. Players were asked to try out the FUSE demo and let us know their thoughts in 200 words or less. The winning entry comes from JackBarry96 who wrote this: “I th...

  • Fuse was inspired by Mission: Impossible and James Bond movies

    Last week at a Fuse preview event, Insomniac CEO Ted Price named off some influences of the game during my interview with him. Not only does the upcoming co-operative third-person shooter draw inspiration from Insomniac's past games but from Hollywood films too. "From the very beginning, Fuse ...

  • Fuse sequel hinted at by Insomniac CEO

    The upcoming co-operative third-person shooter, Fuse, is a completely new intellectual property developed by Insomniac Games. It may be the the start of a new franchise also. During my time talking with Insomniac CEO Ted Price last weekend at a Fuse preview event, I asked if his studio had ideas fo...

  • Fuse co-op demo launches on PSN and XBL this week

    Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games will release the demo of its new third-person, co-op based shooter on May 7, 2013 via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. Players will have the chance to get to grips with the four class-based operatives, Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble ...

  • Fuse launch date in May

    EA and Insomniac have announced that the awesome-looking four player, action co-op game Fuse is set to launch on May 28, 2013 in North America and May 31 in Europe. Players will also be able to bag themselves some pre-order goodies in the meantime, from armor skins to weapon skins, as well as a tea...

  • EA confirms Fuse delay

    Fuse, the third-person shooter currently in development at Insomniac Games, has been delayed to Q2 2013, publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed. The game marks Insomniac’s first multi-platform title following its long-term relationship developing titles exclusively for PlayStation platform...

  • Pre-order Fuse for weapon skins, a squad perk, and more

    The list of awards and accomplishments of developer Insomniac Games is long and well-deserved. It's lucky for us gamers and PlayStation fans that list hasn't finished growing. For over two years, Insomniac Games has been hard at work on a brand new title. Fuse, formerly Overstrike, is set to be rele...

  • Fuse due in March 2013

    Insomniac Games and Electronic Arts have revealed that new IP Fuse – the cooperative-based shooter formally known as Overstrike – will land at retail in March 2013. Designed for four-player co-op, Fuse sees gamers battling against the game’s eponymous alien energy source as Dalt...

  • Insomniac's Ted Price apologizes as Fuse debut trailer hits legal roadblock

    In an interesting turn of events, the debut trailer for Fuse - the game formerly known as Overstrike - will not be debuting at 6 AM Pacific Daylight Time today as planned. In a letter of apology posted on the official Fuse website, Insomniac Games' founder and CEO Ted Price explains that a "la...

Fuse Features

  • Fuse character profiles - meet Naya Deveraux (The Assault)

    Welcome back to our series of features examining the agents behind Insomniac Games’ co-op shooter, Fuse. In our fourth and final instalment, we scrutinize Naya Deveraux, aka The Assault. - - - - - A former assassin and specialist in CQC, Naya Deveraux was snapped up by the folks at Over...

  • Fuse character profiles - meet Jacob Kimble (The Sniper)

    Welcome back to the third instalment of our Fuse character profile round-up, where we scrutinize all four members of the deadly Overstrike 9 unit before launch day. In this latest entry, we take a look at Jacob Kimble. A former homicide detective from Los Angeles, Jacob Kimble burns with a venge...

  • Interview with Insomniac founder & CEO Ted Price about Fuse

    Last week, I had the chance to sit down with Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price and ask him some questions about his studio's upcoming game, Fuse. Why the name change from Overstrike to Fuse? Well, as you probably saw in the cinematics of the levels you played, the game revolves around Fuse. It&r...

  • Fuse character profiles - meet Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair

    Welcome back to the second instalment of our Fuse character profile round-up, where we scrutinize all four members of the deadly Overstrike 9 unit before launch day. In this latest entry, we take a look at Isabelle Sinclair. Isabelle Sinclair – affectionately known as Izzy by her comrades ...

  • Fuse giveaway - download the demo and win a PS3 copy of the game

    With the Fuse demo available for download on PSN and Xbox Live this week, we have a special treat for fans of the action-packed, co-op shooter from Insomniac Games. PlayStation Universe has a PS3 version of the game to giveaway, complete with the In-Game Fusion pack which is loaded with team extras...

  • How Fuse's unique weapon-set and tactical co-op play could revitalise the shooter genre

    Insomniac Games’ upcoming third-person shooter could set a new benchmark for co-op-based shooters. While some games in the genre feature familiar run and gun gameplay, shallow mechanics and an arsenal of weapons that we’ve seen a million times before, Fuse is all about teamwork, choosing...

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