Fuse character profiles – meet Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair

Welcome back to the second instalment of our Fuse character profile round-up, where we scrutinize all four members of the deadly Overstrike 9 unit before launch day. In this latest entry, we take a look at Isabelle Sinclair.

Isabelle Sinclair – affectionately known as Izzy by her comrades – previously served as an intelligence broker prior to joining Overstrike 9. As such, she not only maintains a healthy criminal record, but is also the brains of the outfit, though somewhat lacks the experience of her comrades. As her weapons set relies heavily on augmenting her teammates’ efforts, Sinclair is best utilized as a support operative. Still, that isn’t to say Izzy doesn’t pack a punch, wielding both the Dragonfly and Harbringer as backup.

Her signature weapon is the Shattergun, which is able to encase enemies in living crystal. In addition, it can also levitate foes allowing you to pull them out of cover spots – a handy tool when you are pinned down and cannot advance any further. If your team is in a bit of a pickle, then Sinclair can chuck a handy Healing Crystal onto the battlefield. Once deployed, this emits a green circle that will automatically patch up anyone within it. This winning combination of team healing and stopping foes in their tracks makes Izzy the support member of choice.

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