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November 15th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 29th, 2013
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EA Sports
Electronic Arts
E [Everyone]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Also available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Wii.

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With FIFA 14, EA Sports has the reigns of the soccer industry firmly within its grasp, delivering a prominent title that will appease the large majority of fans of The Beautiful Game.

We like

  • 10-on-10 online play
  • Authentic attributes
  • Improved animations

We dislike

  • Sideline AI is sketchy
  • Be A Pro could be more exciting

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EA Canada didn't have to make sweeping changes to improve FIFA 14 for next-gen systems. It already released a great football game on current-gen consoles earlier this year, and while the PS4 version is largely unchanged, it's just slightly better enough to push the series ever so slightly into the future. If you want a game that looks and plays drastically different than its PS3 counterpart, you are going to have to wait at le...

FIFA 14 News

  • U.K. Charts: FIFA 14 continues to dominate the competition

    FIFA 14 has scored its fourth consecutive week at the summit of the U.K. All Format Charts. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the only newcomer in the Top 10, while the remainder of the chart is made up of movers and shakers. The top 3 however, remains unchanged. Check out the full Top 10 below. ...

  • U.K. Charts: FIFA 14 bags eight weeks at no.1

    EA Sports’ FIFA 14 has bagged its eighth week at the summit of the U.K. All Format Chart. The game is currently on track to match, and indeed possibly beat, the ten-week record held by Zumba Fitness back in 2011. Elsewhere, Call of Duty: Ghosts hunkers down in second place, followed by ...

  • U.K. Charts: FIFA 14 remains unchallenged, Aliens: Colonial Marines infests the Top 10

    The latest U.K. All Format Chart has arrived on the scene, confirming yet another victory for FIFA 14. Things have been relatively quiet on the software front lately, and this is unlikely to change until we see some new triple-A releases break into the limelight. What it does mean, however, is...

  • U.K. Charts: FIFA 14 nets another no.1

    EA Sports’ FIFA 14 has claimed the first U.K. video game no.1 of 2014, reports Chart-Track. Competition remained stiff as we entered the New Year, though the footie favorite still managed to pull in the punters, with sales up 21 per cent over its predecessor. Call of Duty: Ghosts takes ...

  • PSN password resets apparently prompted by FIFA 14 Trading Card exploit

    A report from Gaming Bolt indicates that the PlayStation Network may have experienced hacking late last month. In fact, Sony last week issued spontaneous and required password changes for many PlayStation accounts, which were prompted from"irregular activity." Users from Reddit have have ...

  • U.K. Charts: FIFA 14 scores back the top spot

    Footie favorite FIFA 14 has taken the top spot on the U.K. All Format Chart on the back of the Xbox One’s release, which catapulted sales of the sports romp 328 per cent. Elsewhere, Call of Duty: Ghosts hunkers down in second place, followed by rival shooter Battlefield 4 at three and Assas...

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