Master Reboot Review - a haunting first-person horror adventure

  • Posted February 14th, 2014 at 08:54 EDT by John-Paul Jones

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An exceedingly high-concept explorative puzzler, Master Reboot's subsequent execution leaves a lot to be desired. Hobbling its lofty ambitions with poor presentation, inconsistently designed puzzles and a distinct lack of atmosphere, Master Reboot gives us a peek at a grander design that it sadly fails to realise.

We like

  • The premise of rooting about in someone’s memory is a compelling one.
  • Massive variety of worlds on offer.

We dislike

  • Visuals are extremely basic. Overall presentation is poor and compromises the experience.
  • Relies far too much on generic jump-scares than creeping psychological dread.
  • Consistency of puzzles varies wildly from painfully obvious to head-scratchingly abstract.

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(continued from previous page) ...of the prototyping stage. Texture-less models and environments abound throughout the game as sparsely-detailed bodies pass through solid objects with the sort of alarming frequency that it makes you question quite how rigorously the game was tested prior to release.

Sadly, the ‘prototyping’ label defines Master Reboot a little too well since, if anything, the game feels like a proof of concept for a much more grand endeavour rather than the end result that falls short of such lofty ambitions.

For all its myriad of failings though, there really isn’t anything like Master Reboot on PlayStation 3 right now. Try and peer behind the veil of its aesthetical deficiencies and atmospheric missteps and players will find a unique, if not mildly engrossing explorative experience, but it remains one that unequivocally falls desperately short of its lofty promise.

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    February 19th, 2014
    Wales Interactive
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