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While not without its flaws, Sniper Elite 3 remains a compelling, tactically-rewarding shooter that fans of the genre would do well to snap up asap.

We like

  • The open environments, which allow for greater strategic freedom
  • Plenty of optional collectibles and objectives to tackle, plus solid online modes
  • Kill cam is satisfyingly gruesome as ever

We dislike

  • Patchy AI
  • Some noticeable performance issues
  • The lack of a decent story and compelling hero

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Combat isn’t just about getting one up on your enemy, either. Sniper Elite III boasts an extensive XP system, allowing you to level up in rank and acquire new gear to customize your arsenal with. You’ll net XP for hitting specific body parts, using sound cover to mask your shots, being overly stealthy, and other such factors. As such, the game encourages you to be as creative in your kills as possible, which makes dispatching the Nazi hordes that much more enjoyable. Any weapons you unlock can also be carried directly over to the multiplayer component, where you can select from four different loadouts to tweak to your liking. Here, you'll battle against others in deathmatches and other such modes - made all the more entertaining due to the emphasis on sniper tactics - combat waves of foes with a mate, or take part in the full campaign via co-op, where double-teaming the enemy with a well-laid plan proves instrumental to your survival.

Appropriately, Nazi troops will make quick work of you if you’re unlucky enough to get caught in their crosshairs, and it’s not just grunts you’ll have to worry about, either. Snipers will attempt to pick you off at a distance, playing your own game against you, while vehicles will cause you more than a few headaches. In fact, the latter afford some interesting ‘boss’ battles, where Fairburne is required to snipe the fuel tank of an APC or Tiger Tank, all the while ducking and diving to avoid incoming fire. These encounters are especially tense, and really emphasize the game’s strategic side as you creep around the battlefield, taking potshots at your mechanical adversary while avoiding incoming fire. It’s a pity then, that the occasionally-obtuse AI can put a damper on the sense of impending danger, making it easy to exploit their behaviour. Enemies can be slow to react to non-fatal body shots, and they’re not as thorough in their search for you as one might expect, tending to give up too easily. Even if the area is strewn with the corpses of their allies, foes seem content to return to their scripted posts, oblivious to the fact a ‘Desert Ghost’ is systematically wiping out their entire squad.

Sniper Elite III runs silky-smooth on PS4, and visually it’s a competent title, even though it’s abundantly clear the game doesn’t do much to squeeze anything extra out of Sony’s latest piece of hardware. Locations have been punctiliously crafted and as such look highly authentic, while the excellent aural presentation works well to complement the gritty, wartime atmosphere, be it the wail of a Stuka siren, punchy gun effects, or the adrenaline-pumping score. On the flip side however, the game is marred by various performance hiccups, the most egregious being graphical tearing and buggy AI, which are a real immersion killer.

Overall, Sniper Elite 3 does exactly what it says on the tin. The game’s compelling marriage of stealth, strategy and methodical shooting marks a welcome change of pace from the brash nature of its contemporaries, and these elements only further shine in the online modes. The amount of extras thrown into each mission, such as diaries, optional objectives, hidden sniper nests, and more, will keep you plugging away for that 100% ratio for some time -- a good thing too, as the single-player is over too quick. Yes, Sniper Elite 3 is let down by some questionable AI and performance issues, but that shouldn’t deter you from what is unquestionably a satisfying shoot-’em-up with a punchy, tactical edge.

Sniper Elite 3 was reviewed using a PS4 promo copy sent to us by Alfred London.

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