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Heavy Rain vs. Metal Gear Solid 4 - The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Final Four

on 6 August 2012

32 games entered, but only four remain. The PSU community has narrowed the field in our Ultimate PS3 Showdown down to the very best four titles on PlayStation 3, and with your official contest entries now in effect, the stakes have never been higher. The two games that move on will compete for the crown, the title of Best PS3 Game Ever - choose wisely.


The Contenders:

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream's psychological thriller was a totally unique concept for PlayStation 3 owners and featured game controls that brought player interactivity to a whole new level. Filled with drama, mystery, and suspense, the dark, rain-soaked atmosphere and mature storyline was as engaging as the search for clues and the perfectly-paced QTE fight sequences. Incredible graphics and sound have scarcely been used better to heighten an already tense atmosphere. Put simply, Heavy Rain made you feel like you were the star of your own movie, and became an instant classic on PS3 thanks to its unique blend of storytelling and interaction.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

When Kojima Productions set out to create what was once supposed to be the swan song of Solid Snake, the team pulled no stops. From (reportedly) filling a 50GB dual-layered Blu-Ray disc, to wrapping up one of the most convoluted stories ever told in a video game, Metal Gear Solid 4 had it all. Love it or hate it, this game rightfully deserves to be on the list of best PS3 games ever. And don’t forget: it remained PS3-exclusive!

Which of these two games deserves a place in the Championship Round? Cast your vote in the official polling thread, and make sure to vote in our other Final Four match-up to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!