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PS Vita Game of the Month

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on 6 November 2012

October yielded a decent amount of new titles for the PlayStation Vita, which is a refreshing change to the draught that we all experienced over the summer and early fall.

First up, we had some PlayStation Network titles like New Little King’s Story, which allows players to utilize different types of minions to navigate levels and solve puzzles. Another released downloadable title was Orgarhythm. Much like New Little King’s Story, it requires players to use minions to fight enemies, but it mixes things up by having a rhythmic beat playing constantly which players have to use in order to input commands.

The retail games in October, though still available on the PlayStation Network, were especially worthy of acknowledgement. Alongside the console version of the same game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted hit store shelves and PSN and brought to the handheld the opportunity to compete against race times earned by friends who play on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. The game also features over 40 cars, and each has a different set of races to achieve, and the cars are scattered all across the game just waiting to be found.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories takes the ambiance of the Silent Hill series and implements it into a new setting: dungeon crawlers. With Book of Memories, you take on the responsibility of writing your own story as you delve into a massive amount of levels fighting monsters from Silent Hill and solving puzzles along the way. Our very own Mike Harradence said, “If you can stick at it, you’ll find that Book of Memories is still frighteningly addictive, and with friends can provide a nice distraction;” check out his full review of Silent Hill: Book of Memories right here.

Finally, we have a title that brings the war between the Templars and Assassins into the palm of your hands. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation puts players in the shoes of female protagonist Aveline de Grandpre in New Orleans during the American Colonial period. Throughout, Aveline must establish herself in multiple facets, including her obligations to her noble family and the slaves that she wishes to save. Our very own Tim Nunes had this to say about the title: “Liberation brings to the PS Vita exactly what fans want and more by showing that the hardware is more of a new way to do it rather than a hindrance;” you can check out the full review of Liberation right here.

The staff at PlayStation Universe’s choice for PlayStation Vita Game of the Month is…

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.

Though the multiplayer in Liberation was a blemish, the single player game stood out so much that we couldn’t help but give it its well-deserved popular vote. Which game from October did you guys like the most?