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Holiday Guide: Try these PS Vita accessories

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on 13 December 2012

The festive season is reaching its peak, and the shopping crunch is looming everywhere, leaving your portable needs at a relatively high necessity. Sony's PlayStation Vita has so many great assets that you can use while on the go, but any mobile device needs accessories, right? You're absolutely right. Like any cell phone, it's nearly mandatory to make some initial investments to better the experience and help safeguard the hardware itself.


First up, storage space is a common worry for any portable device, and the PS Vita is no exception. The small, but reliable 4 GB memory card has the capacity to manage all basics functions to kick start any new avid mobile gamer. It's even a perfect option for gamers who still love having their games in physical form; no downloading means no hefty storage requirements. There's also available the 32 GB card, which is my card of choice, that allows for upwards of fifteen to twenty digital games downloaded onto it, granting a normal game7 weighs in at about 2 gigabytes with some wiggle room depending on gaming style. There's no polar limitation to this either since card sizes of 8 and 16 GB are also available. Base retail prices go from $19.99 to $99.99 from 4 to 32 GB respectively, but many great retailers like Amazon often have slashed prices on products like these, making justifying their purchases that much easier.

Cases and screen covers

As is customary with any touchscreen device, the PS Vita also has available to it many ways to protect the product. Easy-to-apply screen covers are available at any retail outlet for around $5--in fact, they're some of the easiest covers I've ever applied. Cases are also becoming more and more vast in variety, ranging from clear cases to full-concealing ones; usually, the latter has space inside the case for games and headphones.

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Nyko Power Grip

One very interesting accessory is the Nyko Power Grip. The PS Vita is only limited by its internal battery capacity, but the Power Grip doubles the life of your PS Vita. To top that off, it attaches to the portable device and gives it handles that makes it feel a lot like a PlayStation 3 controller while still granting access to every hardware feature on the PS Vita, including the rear touch pad. The Power Grip runs $29.99, and it's nearly a steal. In order to get a comparable experience elsewhere, you'd have to buy another type of grip and an official Sony portable battery for $49.99, so the Power Grip is definitely the way to go in this department.

Car charger

A wall charger comes packed in with every PS Vita, but that doesn't work when driving home for the holidays. Well, that's where the car adapter comes in. It adapts with the USB cable from the wall charger to charge the handheld in the car through an AC plug.

The accessory selection isn't as vast as it is for the cell phone market, but that in itself makes it easier to find exactly what your handheld needs to make it through the holidays. From memory needs to hardware security, this guide has what you're looking for to deck out your PS Vita.

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