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5 PS4 games that should be revealed at Gamescom

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on 20 August 2013

With Sony’s Gamescom 2013 press conference being streamed live on later today and the promise of more PlayStation 4 news and new announcements, we’ve put together a list of the five games that we’d like to see revealed.

Uncharted 4
When we spoke to Naughty Dog just before the launch of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception it was already speculating over where a new chapter in the powerful adventure series might be set; though didn’t go as far as to confirm that Uncharted 4 was in the works.

What we do know is that the studio was hiring in June for a next-generation, third-person action game. This could refer to DLC associated with The Last Of Us perhaps, or a new Jak & Daxter game, but what we really hope for is Uncharted 4. The Uncharted series is one of the biggest franchises and most popular games of this generation, so why not usher in this next-generation with a bang and the announcement of a game that is really going to get PlayStation gamers excited?

WipEout Deceit
Is there a better franchise to help launch the PS4 then the series that wowed us all when the PSone was released? The high-octane racing thrills of the WipEout series could be pushed to the max with the PS4 with stunning graphics, silky smooth frame-rates and great multiplayer options.

The bad news is that franchise developer Studio Liverpool closed its doors last year when it was apparently working on this title, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t picked up the mantle. MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios seems the most likely candidate, and wouldn’t it be an incredible announcement? Come on Sony, we want more WipEout.

The Last Guardian
In development originally for PS3 since 2007, news on Team Ico’s action adventure has been scarce but interest in the title has never waned; after all this is the developer who brought us Ico and Shadow Of Colossus. At E3 2013, SCEA’s Jack Tretton revealed that The Last Guardian was on “hiatus” while Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida stated that "We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce" it. Could Gamescom be that time? Is the lengthy delay down to Team Ico holding back on a PS3 launch in order to take advantage of the new power of the PS4? We certainly hope so.

Dark Cloud 3
Back in April, Level- 5 boss Akihiro Hino revealed that his studio has a PS4 game in the planning and hoped to announce it soon. That didn’t happen at E3, but a few months later it’s possible we could hear what the Japanese developer, creator of franchises including White Knight Chronicles and Ni No Kuni Wrath Of the White Witch, is up to.

The Dark Cloud RPG series was PlayStation’s answer to Zelda and a third instalment was announced for release on the PS2. That never happened and fans of the highly acclaimed series have been living in hope ever since. Wouldn’t Gamescom be the perfect time to announced Dark Cloud 3 as a PS4-exclusive?

In July 2013, Take-Two Interactive renewed its trademark of the Agent brand, allaying fears that Rockstar’s spy thriller had been canned for good. Rockstar didn’t bother going to E3 but we do know they are at Gamescom with a private booth for press only. This leads us to believe it’s got something special lined up. Perhaps it’s just private sessions on GTA V, but wouldn’t it be a real scoop for PlayStation if Rockstar showed off Agent exclusively for PS4 this week?

Which new PS4 games would you like to see announced at Gamescom?

Don’t forget to tune in for the live stream of Sony’s press conference from Gamescom.