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War Thunder interview - Gaijin talks PS4 launch with console's most action-packed MMO

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on 18 October 2013

The following interview was conducted with War Thunder developer Pavel Kulikov who talks to about a range of current industry topics while giving readers an insight into Gaijin Entertainment's ambitious flight combat MMO and how it's shaping up for the launch of PlayStation 4.

PSU: How does it feel to be involved in a pivotal moment in gaming history with the release of the next-generation of Sony’s consoles and one of the major launch titles for PS4?
Our company is the first Russian developer to make a game for PS4, and this new generation in general. And this is a first time when a Russian game becomes a launch-title on any platform. Of course, we’re very proud of this, and doing our best!

PSU:Your vision for War Thunder, showcased so poignantly in the CGI GamesCom trailer, revealed a spectacular battle between land, sea and air vehicles. Would you say this is the most ambitious game ever to be released on PlayStation consoles due to the complexity, depth and scale of what you’re trying to achieve?
Well, there’s almost nothing to add to that! We want to provide early adopters of PS4 with the best online experience on this new console - and in this generation as well. And the best cross-platform title as well!

PSU:With the release of any MMO comes some obvious concerns. We saw a long beta phase on PS3 for CCP Games’ DUST 514 and even now the company has to work around the clock to fix bugs and improve the experience. Is War Thunder ready for a full release at the PS4 launch and is Gaijin set up for the inevitable issues that come with the launch of any MMO?
We have the benefit of running our game live for a year now (open beta on PC started in November 2012). So we had a lot of issues resolved already and now our main task is to make it work on both platforms (PC and PS4) properly, not to create all of the infrastructure from a scratch. We’re especially proud that our game will support cross-platform battles between different users, so there will be a multimillion community from the day one of PS4 launch.

PSU: What have you learned from the community about the PC beta phase of War Thunder that will aid the launch of the PS4 version?
Over the course of last year we were constantly polishing our flight and damage model, adding new planes and game modes, making changes to game’s economy and balance. Our team is much more experienced now in running a popular MMO and we’ll put this knowledge to good use on PS4 as well.