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Does PS4 need the faces and mascots of PlayStation's past?

on 12 November 2013

A new generation is dawning, and like many before it, gamers hunger for new creative content and eagerly await the birth of unforeseen faces. Faces that define a progressive generation that is ever-growing and up to minute. Faces that reach out to the hearts of many and gift us with unforgettable memories, the kind that allow us to remember that there is, indeed, a promising legacy in our presence. And we remember these faces, from the cunning Nathan Drake whose quick-witted charm humored us, to the stylish PaRappa the Rapper whose catchy tunes got us shouting: “I GOTTA BELIEVE!”

Just a few of the faces that define PlayStation

And some of us do believe. Some of us believe that Sony, with the help of its first-party studios, will redefine the traces of gaming and leave us ruminating in the dust of our own awe. The Last of Us and Journey are two recent examples of new IP’s that shook many gamers void of any emotion that was left inside of them. The risk to create something different and outside the norm was embellished to new heights (who honestly thought Naughty Dog would shift its success from Uncharted to The Last of Us in such a swift period of time?). We know that Sony will continue to take risks, especially with its overzealous dedication to indie games as of late, but how far are they willing to go?

That leaves the rest of us who believe, and possibly not the few. Those of us who brush over PlayStation consoles of the past with a nostalgic look and see the remnants of a grave, one that we can’t help but revisit time and time again. The cheery sound of a Jungle Rollers beat is now but a faint memory, and in the distance within a dream is only but a silhouette of the beloved Crash Bandicoot. And the question simply is: do people honestly care? It’s often recited that one of PlayStation’s greatest strengths is in the numbers, by which I mean the wide variety of characters whom represent the brand’s history. But if Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS4 game were a fresh attempt at Jak and Daxter, would the mass of gamers celebrate or rebel? Does legacy really take priority over change?

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