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Carnage Heart EXA


Carnage Heart first appeared on PlayStation way back in 1997. Carnage Heart EXA continues the tradition of the franchise with the same style of gameplay, but builds upon it with improved graphics, updated chips, and interface mechanics, and a larger stable of Overkill Engine types. In addition, this time around players can actually control the OKEs (Overkill Engines)! It’s a polished version of the original dream Artdink had, and we’re pleased to be working closely with them to bring the game to a worldwide audience.

Game Carnage Heart EXA Players
Genre Strategy Online Players
Publisher Natsume Developer Natsume
Release Date 19 March 2013 Rating
Release Date UK 20 March 2013 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PSP
Additional Information
Also available on PS Vita

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