Carnage Heart EXA hits PSP, PS Vita tomorrow

Contrary to popular belief, the PSP is not dead. In fact, Natsume is bringing several PSP titles to North America and Europe this year. Tomorrow you can pick up Carnage Heart EXA for $29.99 and the release marks the first of several PSP games from the publisher best known for Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing franchises.

Carnage Heart is a PlayStation game from 1997 and Carnage Heart EXA follows that tradition of the franchise with the same style of gameplay yet it builds on it with improved graphics, updated chips, and interface mechanics, and a larger stable of Overkill Engine types. In Heart EXA you can control the Overkill Engines. The studio describes it as a polished version of the original dream from Artdink.

It is a mech strategy game that has players take the role of a commander of giant robots, but tose robots must be programmed ahead of time to behave in certain ways. You can completely customize your OKEs inside and out.

Looks for more PSN titles, including a traditional style RPG, Mystic Chronicles, in the near future. Carnage Heart EXA is out tomorrow on PSN.