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Crytek "discussing" TimeSplitters 4 development, says Yerli

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on 28 January 2011

Development of a fourth instalment in the much-loved TimeSplitters franchise is currently in discussion over at Crytek, studio head Cevat Yerli’s revealed.

However, while admitting that the Crysis 2 developer has been considering the possibility of cobbling together a TimeSplitters 4, Yerli noted that a firm decision has yet to be made.

“Yeah, we have been discussing it, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so let’s see after Crysis 2,” he told CVG.

TimeSplitters first hit shelves back in 2000 as a PS2 launch title, with series developer Free Radical being snapped up by Crytek a few years back where it later resurfaced as Crytek UK. Chuffed with the team's efforts thus far, Yerli feels confident the studio has what it takes to reach the 90+ meta review average.

“I love working with our UK friends,” he continued. “The team has been performing up to the quality bar easily. Our thinking was that the team had done 80-85 rated games, and we thought that with the right technology, IP and global IP direction they could reach the 90 barrier. I’m very confident that they can do that."