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Famitsu spills new details on The Last Guardian

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on 1 March 2011

Famitsu’s published a fresh batch of info on Team ICO’s hotly anticipated The Last Guardian for your consumption.

As translated by the wonderful chaps at Andriasang, the magazine reports that players will initially be unable to communicate with beast Torico, who will quickly doze off for a nap if you attempt to do so. Furthermore, the creature won’t hesitate to spit out any food items he doesn’t like the taste of.

Elsewhere, the publication confirms that The Last Guardian utilizes a collision system similar to that of Shadow of the Colossus, and that while players can be snatched by dungeon-dwelling guards, the game won’t end right on the spot.

Other details include hints that Torico may have a life gauge of his own, with the developers also stewing over the possibility of showing gauges to support the player. Apparently, this is an aspect that creator Fumito Ueda is somewhat worried about.

Based on its time with the game, Famitsu notes that it’s “real that exceeds real.” That’s a good thing, we imagine. Most intriguing, however, is the fact the publication confirms the sprawling adventure will use its own fake language.

Lastly, the mag observed that the movements of the main character – a nameless young lad, if you didn’t already know – are particularly impressive. Ueda expanded on this, stating that the boy will extend his arms out when approaching a wall, or touch Torico when in close proximity to the friendly beast.

The Last Guardian is pencilled in for release in Japan later this year, with a western release apparently on the cards for winter 2011.