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Capcom has 'at least one more original title' in the pipeline for 2012

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on 14 April 2011

Capcom’s David Reeves has teased that the publishing giant has at least one more original IP up its sleeves that’ll release in 2012.

The company has already taken the wraps off two original works as of late, namely Ausra’s Wrath at the Tokyo Game Show last September and Dragon’s Dogma at Captivate last week.

However, while cementing Resident Evil and Street Fighter as the nucleus of the firm’s focus going forward, Capcom is still committed to churning out new IP.

"The strategy going forward is for those two franchises to form the basis of the portfolio," Reeves told MCV. "We're not saying it's going to be all Street Fighter and Resident Evil forever. There will be new projects, but they will be shot through with Capcom's quality NDA and subjected to a very rigorous green light process.”

"We've already announced Asura's Wrath and Dragon's Dogma, and there will be at least one more original title from us that will come out next year."

Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi hinted earlier this year that Capcom may lift the lid on its third original project before the summer. Stay tuned.