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Reactor Zero's new PSN title

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Matt Toschlog, best known for his role as the Chief of Outrage Games, has resurfaced with plans for a new PSN title.

Toschlog, famous for titles such as Alter Echo and the Descent series, disappeared after the developer went out of business in 2003. However, he has returned with a new company named Reactor Zero, which has been contracted by Sony to create multiple PSN games.

One of the upcoming games, titled High Rise, could be described as a 3D version of Tetris where you have limited time to manipulate a chunk of building material and create one tall stable building after the next.

"There's a lot more market for smaller-type games. If you want to do a really big PlayStation or Xbox-type game, it's $10 million to $20 million and a whole bunch of people. Publishers are reluctant to fund that because there's no creative control," Matt Toschlog said in anticipation for his new title.

PSU can't wait to see what else Reactor Zero has under their hats.

Source: Freep