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SCEE caught editing Halo 3 Wiki

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Tomfoolery abound as someone at Sony Europe has edited the contents of the Halo 3 Wikipedia page.

The cheeky chappy used a computer with an IP address designated to the Liverpool SCEE offices, and proceeded to say that Halo 3 “is expected to set a high watermark for next-generation games, but won't look any better than Halo 2". Ho ho!

What next for this physical embodiment of Loki, Norse god of mischief? Editing the Nintendo Wii page and calling it ‘GameCube 1.5’? Saying Windows Vista looks a bit like OSX Leopard? Shock horror.

Obviously, Halo 3 is out soon, so expect a lot of under staffed retail and convenience stores around that time. The PS3 owners out there don’t have to fret though, just go down to your local game/online store and pick up/download a copy of the excellent Warhawk.

You can’t go wrong with it.

Stay tuned.

Source: GamesRadar