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Improved AI is Resistance 3's 'biggest' feature, says dev

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on 5 July 2011

Insomniac Games is trumpeting enhanced enemy AI as one of the key features on display in its upcoming blaster Resistance 3.

So says the game’s senior designer Cameron Christian, who told Gamasutra that players will encounter far more “aggressive” enemies in the Chimera-slaying sequel compared to past entries in the series.

"I think the biggest thing we have going for us is our AI," he said. "[Enemies are] a lot more responsive and really aggressive. They will come after you. You might get a couple guys, but the other guys are going to hunt you down and find you."

Elsewhere, Christian revealed that certain weapons – such as the fan favourite Auger – have been scaled back somewhat, creating a far more balanced line-up.

"Every weapon is generally effective against anything, but there's degrees of effectiveness. Let's talk about the Auger and that case with the Hulk fight, right? The Auger is going to be a bad choice, because there is no place for you to hide and shoot through walls. You can hit his weak points, and they'll do damage, but it's not going to be as effective as, say, the Magnum, which can stick to that guy and really do some serious damage to it," said Christian.

"The Auger ... is people's favorite weapon, but it's their favorite weapon because it is super overpowered," he explained. "We pull back the range on being able to see through walls. So before you could see through walls across a whole entire level, right? And now we pull that back to a significant distance."

Resistance 3 is due out in September 2011.