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Sonic Generations dated for U.K.

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on 13 September 2011

SEGA’s slapped a November 4 U.K. release date on its upcoming platformer Sonic Generations.

This puts the Blue Blur’s latest offering out in blightly a mere three days after its U.S. launch on November 1.

Sonic Generations sees the spikey speedster and his mates falling foul to a ‘Time Hole,’ which sends them rocketing back to the past where our hero meets younger version of himself – Classic Sonic. The duo subsequently team up to save their friends and put a stop to all the time-travelling shenanigans.

The game will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. Yesterday it emerged that SEGA was considering the possibility of bringing the game to PlayStation Vita, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Stay tuned.