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DICE: PS3/360 owners 'definitely not getting less of a game' with Battlefield 3

on 23 September 2011

In a recent interview with Edge, Battlefield 3 Producer Patrick Liu aimed to squash a few lingering conception that Battlefield 3 will be a lesser experience on the consoles, and built mainly for the PC.

When asked about the inclusion of fewer players online, and smaller multiplayer maps for consoles, Liu had the following to say:

"They're definitely not getting less of a game." commented Patrick Liu.

"It has the same amount of destruction and the same amount of visual fidelity.”

"We've scaled the maps accordingly for console so it makes the pacing all right and the balancing is good," Liu added. "If you play a big Conquest map then the map is balanced accordingly." he added.

We'll have to wait and see how Battlefield 3 fairs on console compared to its PC counterpart, but until then, you can check out our newest preview.

Via: CVG