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EA to develop FPS Command and Conquer?

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According to Gamespot, there may be a second FPS iteration of Command and Conquer in the works.

In 2002, EA had worked on a FPS counterpart to the Command and Conquer series,  C&C: Renegade, which did moderately well but never saw a sequel. Soon after, EA took on Westwood, and focused on the RTS genre, making C&C one of the most widely known in the genre.

Just recently, however, a job posting on EA's employment site is causing some speculation that the FPS idea might be coming back into light. The listing states as follows:

"Does the idea of contributing your specialized knowledge in sound design to the next-generation gaming platform for EAs widely recognized leading sci-fi franchise get you pumped? EA has an exciting opportunity for a sound designer who will work closely with the audio director on creating sound effects, dialog, and music for a next-generation first person shooter game."

While this in no way confirms that this game will be Command and Conquer, given EA's list of current IPs, there isn't much else that one could define as a "widely recognized leading sci-fi franchise." Likewise, an exact platform has yet to be announced.

Stay tuned for further information as soon as it becomes available.