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Obscure II coming to North America in 2008

Playlogic has announced that the company will publish the PlayStation 2 horror entry Obscure: The Aftermath in North America next year.

The original Obscure was released in North America in 2005, and presented a unique style of survival horror tactics that allowed players to take control of various characters during to solve particular task. The story was based around five high school students as they found out that their school halls were not as safe as they thought them to be; sudden disappearances and unexplained events created a night of terror for the young protagonists.

Obscure: The Aftermath (Or Obscure II) takes place two years after the events of the original game where the characters are now in college and trying to turn their lives back to normal. They suddenly discover an odd plant that looks beautiful, but presents a disturbing aura. Unfortunately this brings about problems and the six characters (a new character comes along this time) find themselves fighting for their lives once again.

The title promises to capitalize in many gameplay areas to ensure that the sequel is better than the original on all points. We will bring you more on Obscure to as soon as the details are available.

Obscure: The Aftermath is already available in Europe and will be released in the United States Q1 2008.